The sales clerk kindly informs you that all the beds are left bare, because of their rugged beauty, but that once assembled if you prefer, you can finish the beds with any finish you prefer. Your eye is drawn once again to the rugged, outdoorsy, warmth that seems to seep from every fibre of the beds. You ask the clerk if you may sample the beds, and are assured that you should indeed do just that.

You lie back, and feel as though you’re drifting miles away, and though you know you’re in one of the biggest shopping centres around, you feel sure that you’ll open your eyes to a view of the rugged northern country. You can’t help but feel the sturdiness of the bed, and when you raise your head and look around, it doesn’t escape your attention that you see cabin beds in every size possible. Once you arise, the sales clerk draws your attention to the outer growth rings of the logs, pointing out the many little cracks that are visible there. He then explains that this is how the cedar ‘dries itself’, or gets rid of moisture.

He assures you that this in no way affects the structural strength or durability of the wood. This resounds as true within you. After all you have just felt the strength and security of lying on this amazing bed. You turn to find the sales clerk handing you a pamphlet, outlining the five year warranty that comes with each bed.

Turning just a little you notice what is described as a log twin arched frame bed, and just a little further beyond that, you are drawn to the log canopy bed. These two beds, the sales clerk gladly explains are crafted out of northern white cedar. They are exceptionally strong and will easily last a lifetime. Briefly you close your eyes, and you can see how these beds would fit in each of your rooms in perfect harmony. The natural beauty adds a touch of elegance that you can almost feel as well as see.

Your mind slips away to that perfect summer vacation, the one at that log cabin on the shore of that amazing lake. You can’t help but remember how you woke up refreshed and relaxed every day.

You can picture in your mind, what it would be like to come home after a hard day at work, and to walk into your room and be swept away to that beautiful retreat. Comfortable, peaceful, relaxing are all words that come to your mind. Realization dawns that from the Beverly Hills mansions, to the New York City apartments, to the cozy little cabin in the hills, with one of these cabin beds you can enjoy your sacred retreat anywhere. You enthusiastically shake the sales clerks hand, as you rush to pay for your new cabin bed, unable to contain the excitement at getting home to your private getaway.

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