Organic beauty products have had a sexy new revamp over the last couple of years and gone are the stereotypical grungy hippy natural skincare products which were cheap and unglamorous. These days organic beauty brands are ten a penny and they range between the ultimate luxury in organic skincare to everyday chemical free skincare essentials.

The organic beauty movement is largely connected to the eco awareness plight which has featured so heavily in the media over the last few years and when looking forward to Christmas celebrations, environmental issues can really have an impact. Organic beauty products most often use recycled packaging and promote the use of recycling in general.

As a relatively new industry the organic beauty sector has been a screaming success, with loads of different brands flooding the market. From Pai organic skincare, to organic bath treats from an ex rocker’s missis (Ronnie Wood’s wife Jo), or perhaps a spritz of organic perfume from Tsi-La. Organic beauty brands invest a lot of time and effort into creating winning formulas which can have even better effects on a number of skin ailments where most people turn to chemically enhanced skincare solutions.

To be honest, what women don’t like beauty products? Whether it is a sumptuous serum which will smooth out skin and leave it soft and smelling divine or organic body butter which can be smothered all over to reveal fresher firmer skin underneath, beauty for women is empowerment. That’s what makes organic beauty the best buy for the eco conscious couple this Christmas.

Christmas time should be about indulging in quality and organic beauty is that and more. Some of the best types of beauty product buys are the things that are slightly off the essential beauty radar, i.e. what you wouldn’t buy yourself on a regular basis. Things like intensive organic hair treatments or organic candles made from essential oil which can even be used in massage.

Candles tend to be a classic feminine indulgence and often candles are the one thing that makes you feel like you are at home. This is due to the evocative scent which will always bring you home and also the reassuring light that an organic candle gives off. So a fantastic Christmas gift is an organic travel candle which you can generally find stocked at most good organic beauty boutiques either online or in high-street stores.

Other great organic beauty buys for Christmas are indulgent face creams which use active natural ingredients to help protect skin in the cold winter months. Creating an invisible rescue layer between your skin and your makeup will be a fantastic barrier and make sure skin stays looking healthy young and fresh.

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