The old tradition of presenting the special diamond rings as a symbol of love and a promise to be wed is still in practice. The couples in love choose the best stones, style and cuts of diamonds to honor their bond of love. The excitement of purchasing this precious stone still holds great importance and meaning. In the early days, these precious gems were strictly the domain of the royal and the extreme wealthy class. Back in 1870, many diamond mines were discovered in Africa that made the stone easily available to men and women who could afford one.

The early designs in the line of rings were jumbled with heavy embellishment and never showed the stone in its sublime cuts and beauty. The idea to start making a simple Solitaire Diamond Ring came along much later, where the surprising excellence and fineness of the stone grab the full show in the limelight. These stones are produced below the surface of the earth under immense heat and pressure.
Solitaire Diamond Ring, being the most elite and exclusive piece of jewel in today’s time, fulfills your desire for style. It was first made by one of the most creative jewelers, Tiffany, based in New York, who introduced a six-prong category of the first ever Solitaire Diamond Ring in 1886, which still remains as the most preferred style for both engagement and wedding rings. This special stone holds the charm of many civilizations and is regarded as a true marital symbol. The ancient Greeks and Romans had a strong belief that these stones were splinters from the falling stars. Solitaire Diamond Ring has such compelling features which makes it as the center of attention throughout the world because of its glittering and fascinating outlook. The mere sight of it is breathtaking and leaves an everlasting magical impression of vogue on the viewer’s mind. The bigger this stone is, the more attention it seems to catch.

The beauty of the Solitaire Diamond Ring lies in a set number of facets depending upon the well refined cuts and shapes of the stone. This round-shaped Solitaire Diamond Ring is widely popular among the others because of its large size and weighty look. Some other cuts are Oval, Heart, Asscher, Marquise, Pear, Emerald, Princess, Radiant and Cushion.

The search for a perfect Solitaire Diamond Ring to present to your loved one as an engagement or wedding gift could be an exciting experience. The actual beauty lies within the uniqueness of the stone. Each and every gem is one of its kinds with none of the two stones alike.
The trends in the jewels may come and go but the Solitaire Diamond Ring will retain its immaculate beauty forever. The exotic look and feel of Solitaire is undeniable and can be valued as a symbol of true love. The Solitaire Diamond Ring transforms an ordinary woman into a diva and makes her stand out from the rest. It has been popular in the past years and will remain the best choice for many years to come.

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