Are you pondering picking up your pen and immersing yourself in your very own beauty blog? Your thoughts generate insightful, sometimes random as well as useful ideas daily that have convinced you to share them with the masses. What better place could you choose to publish your best stuff than in your very own blog. I get that! So it’s time to put your efforts towards harnessing who you are and what you want to talk about in order to choose just the right domain name. That domain will become your new identity as well as set the stage for your branding.

Not so Quick! Last night I was giving thought to my beauty blog’s. namebeautiful-woman.jpg, Italkbeauty. How limiting is the word beauty? Is it at all? In the beginning stages of planning out my blog “Beauty” in my minds eye was limited to primarily women, cosmetics, product reviews, beauty tips, etcetera. After awhile my thoughts evolved regarding my blog and I realized that beauty encompasses many different areas not limited to just women looking beautiful or finding more items to assist them in becoming more beautiful. Interesting thought and highly liberating! In that moment, I realized that I did not necessarily need to ditch my original identity but that instead I would have the ability to embrace other meaningful topics while maintaining my original intention of focusing on Beauty.
You can imagine my excitement in the realization that my boundaries had just opened up considerably.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. What comes to your mind when someone asks you the definition of beauty? My answer would not even come close to something as trite as a gorgeous set of eyebrows although that would be one of the very first tasks I would recommend a women invest in having professionally done as well as being what I would write about on my blog. Taking the time to explore your heart, soul and mind to set the parameters of your beauty blog as well as branding will in the end make you fell completely empowered. Your success will not be accidental when your branding genuinely suits you and makes others feel comfortable & welcomed as though they know you.

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