Winter come and rings the message of buying peanuts that would be cracked beside the fireplace. The brightness of the winter sun reflecting off of snow and ice can lead to damage, spots, and skin cancer just as easily as in the heat of summer.

Natural Skin Care: – Natural Skin care tips are simple, natural, nourishing, inexpensive and easy to prepare. They have no side effects and gives sensational skin. Some interesting natural skin remedies are washing the face with cold flushes of water. Milk is a natural skin cleanser. Rubbing peels of vegetables and fruits on the skin to remove dark spots and natural glow. A few drops of fruit juices can be added in a face pack and pulp of banana, orange, papaya can be used as a face mask.

Symptoms of Winter Skin: –

*Dry Skin
*Older looking skin

Skin care tips for winter: –

*Mix 2 table spoons of gingerly oil or any vegetable oil with a little water and rub to form an emulsion. Apply on dry skin, soak and then bathe.
*Use oats as a scrub to remove dry flaky skin. Pat with a moisturizer soon after.
*Never lick chapped lips – they will crack and bleed.
* If you have the luxury of a bath tub, add a cup of milk to your bath water, an essential oil like lavender and then soak for awhile.
*Soak feet in a bucket of warm water to which coconut oil has been added. Rinse off gently.
*Coconut oil and candle wax in equal quantity, heated together form a great cream that can handle chapped lips, elbows, knees and dry feet.

Winter Beauty Tips: –

*Even electric blankets can be drying. If dry skin is driving you crazy, just use two or three quilts and leave the electric blanket.
*Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day.
*You should moisturize throughout the day. Use the body lotion even before you have left the shower, right after rinsing soap or body wash. It will lock in some extra moisture. After that rinse off and pat dry.
*Use soap-free moisturizing cleansers
*You may be tempted to take a hot shower in winters but they wreak havoc on dry skin. Take a lukewarm shower instead, and then pat your skin dry with a towel. Put on the moisturizer as soon as you step out of the shower.
*Always wear gloves, scarves, etc while you go out.
*All the skin products and hairstyling products that are high in alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol may feel cool and refreshing initially, but in reality it also strips away moisture. So look for alcohol-free products when the air is already dry.
*Protect lips with lip balm/gel
*If you have dry, brittle hair, do not use the hair dryer. It will only make the dryness worse and break dry rough hair.
*Use a night cream on face and body before sleeping. Remove excess cream with moist cotton wool, which does not soak up moisture from the skin.

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