Everybody knows that natural stones are made up of fine crystals. These crystals contain different minerals which help form different shapes. When natural stones are extracted from the quarry, their surface might vary from being slightly to very hard.

These days there are many homemakers and builders who are using these stones for a variety of purposes. As a building material, they have gained huge popularity over artificial and synthetic stones. These stones can be used to decorate kitchen counter tops, floors, walls, bathroom vanities and fireplaces. They truly give a royal feel to your indoors and outdoors.

There is a specific reason behind the popularity of natural stones:

When you will go out in the market to purchase natural stone tiles, you will come to know that these tiles are available in various shapes and design. Every piece of stone has a different look from the other. Hence, a person can utilize the variety to construct a masterpiece that won’t be imitated by others.

The natural stone tiles also have higher durability than synthetic tiles. Hence, a person can utilize them to construct a floor that requires high breaking strength and durability.

There are many different types of natural stones like granite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, travertine etc. Hence, you can utilize them anywhere you want, with their unique properties and designs. Hence, if you want, you can even customize your home and give it a completely new look.

When we talk about the cost factor, then they might be a bit expensive than man-made tiles. However, I think there’s no harm in investing some extra money for a high quality and durable tile. So whenever a person is going to purchase natural stone tiles, he or she should always buy it from a reliable dealer.

How to maintain the beauty of your natural stone?

There are certain steps by following these steps you will be able to maintain the beauty of your natural stone

Don’t ever use cleaning products on or near your natural stone unless the label specifies that it is safe on natural marble or natural stone.

You should never clean your natural stone with a solution of vinegar and water, because vinegar is highly acidic and will damage the stone.

You should always make sure that you don’t clean your natural stone using a solution of water with a commercially available cleaner, until or unless its label specifically indicates that it is safe to use on natural stone

You should never use any powder cleaners, cream cleansers, generic soap film removers, generic mildew stain removers or harsh disinfectants on your natural stone.

In order to make your natural stone long lasting you should never leave spills, especially orange juice, lemonade, wine, vinegar, liquors, tomato sauce, yogurt, salad dressing, perfume, after shave, etc. Do wipe up these types of spills right away, even if the natural stone has been sealed.

Do make sure that you don’t use a standard floor wax or other topical shine agents on your natural stone. They will take away from the natural beauty of the stone and could lead to more costly and constant maintenance.

You should never any drinking glasses, plants, china, silver or hot items directly on any natural stone surface. Scratching, etching and other types of damage may occur.

Make sure that you never wipe your natural stone with a cloth right after installation.

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