This week we would like to introduce you to the world of the Beauty Industry, starting from the very core: the therapists themselves.

The people:

Beauticians, also known as Beauty therapists or Aesthetician, carry out body and facial treatments to improve their clients ?? appearance and improve their sense of well-being. The therapists are involved with their clients’ needs in a caring profession. Treatments are designed to develop skin care and condition, and the work is all designed to help improve facial and body state. All forms of beauty treatments promote a feeling of well-being – consequently, the beauticians must be caring, tactful, and knowledgeable and have a well-groomed appearance, particularly their hands, which need to be sensitive and lithe.

As mobile beauty therapists they could carry out a range of treatments, including:

?¢ facials ?? cleansing, massaging and toning the skin

?¢ shaping eyebrows and coloring eyelashes

?¢ manicures

?¢ pedicures

?¢ other nail treatments such as extensions and nail art

?¢ applying and advising on cosmetic make-up

?¢ non-surgical skin rejuvenation therapies

Also they can offer other dedicated treatments, such as massage, aromatherapy, and reflexology.

What is it good for?

Each beauty treatment has its own specific benefits. Make sure that before the therapy starts you discuss with your beauty therapist what you aim to get. This will give your therapist the chance to give you the profit of their experience, expertise and knowledge and lead you towards the treatment that will best suit your individual necessities.

What are the benefits?

Generally, clients report that experiencing any kind of beauty therapy treatment is a soothing and calming experience that leaves them looking better and feeling energised, relaxed, and cheerful. A good part is also played by the therapist.

All our mobile beauty therapists are qualified, extremely experienced, uniformed, vetted, professional yet friendly in their approach and provide only the best client care at all times.

So what do they have to do to become part of the industry?

First they will need to find a salon or training provider (school) that offers National or Scottish Vocational Qualifications (NVQ/SVQ) in Beauty Therapy. The assessments take place either in a salon or with the training provider. NVQ/SVQs are important because they prove that they can do their job to a high standard – the standard that your industry needs. It also shows an employer that they are dedicated to the career and training and have invested time in gaining the relevant qualifications.

The beauty therapist will set up all equipment, tools and beauty products with minimum fuss, and prepare you for an unforgettable time in the own comfort of your home.

Contact us today to further discuss your personal needs and requirements. One of our experts should be a hand for you!

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