breast massage

When looking to increase breast size massage has become a popular option for many women. Not only can it increase the size but also make the breasts firmer and more rounded. Breasts are made up of mainly adipose fats and tissues. Both of these are very responsive when stimulated. This is why breast massaging is an effective method to increase breast size.

Breast massage helps improve the shape of your boobs and gives the appearance of a fuller bust. It also helps promote the growth of healthy cells in the breast area.

This particular method of massage is very popular in Asia. Breast massages have been undertaken for therapeutic and aesthetic reasons. Breast massage stimulation encourages drainage in the lymphatic system. It is also beneficial when trying to heal scars as it promotes the regeneration of healthy tissues. Any type of massage or stimulation will aid the body to get rid of toxins. A majority of women wear their bra for nearly 15 hours a day and this can restrict the natural flow of toxins. Massage will help disperse those toxins and encourage healthy breasts.


A great number of women who have used breast massage techniques state that they felt better about themselves as well as an improvement in the appearance of their breasts. Massage aids in relaxation not only for the mind but body too. They can also influence your self confidence.

Many ointments and creams have been created to boost the benefits when used with breast massage. The use of such creams is known to improve the fullness of the breast as well as the overall appearance. It will also stimulate growth of tissues to give your breasts a perkier, larger appearance.

Currently there are a number of procedures when performing a breast massage to increase breast size.

Process to massage breasts to increase size

1. Add some massage oil to your breasts. This is to reduce friction and enhance your pleasure at the same time. After all if it feels nice it will not seem so much of a chore. You would get a better result if you use a massage oil made from geranium oil and ylang ylang.

2. Start rubbing the breasts in a circular motion. Ensure your hands are moving from the outside of your body towards the middle in a circular motion. You need to do around 100 – 300 circular movements on each breast for the best results. This massage will encourage the blood to populate the breasts and increase breast size.

Massages to Increase Breast Size

3. To experience any increase in the size of your breasts this massage should be made a stable part of your daily routine. It is probably best to perform this breast massage after bathing as your skin will be more subtle and responsive to the massage. The main benefits of this technique are you can do it anytime that suits you and it is cheap to do. Once you have mastered the technique the whole massage should only take a maximum of fifteen minutes every day.

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