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What type of woman is beautiful. Who is really an attractive woman. Let us define a beautiful woman.

The pair or the couple is complete only when there is a man and there is a woman and we also know that the house can become a home only when a couple starts residing in it.

If we go deep, we shall learn that whatever God has created on this earth around this man and nature, woman is the most beautiful creation of God which is most dear to the man too. The man had been found running away from this woman, but at the same time he had been found searching for another woman and we can say that this man cannot remain without a woman.

We know that woman is the most beautiful creation of God, but at the same time people had been trying to add more beauty to this woman and at present a big industry is busy in finding out ways and means through which they can add more beauty to this woman and this industry is flourishing very well.  The people busy in films, in modeling and people who are producing creams, powders, fashions are busy in adding more and more designs and items so that they may sell well and earn well.  The women are trying to become more and more attractive and even men are busy to find out more and more items which could add to the beauty of this woman.

Therefore, a woman who wants to become a beauty in the area, in the home, in the society around her must try to know the psychology of the man and she must know that the following points on her body are beautiful and she must have special care of these points.  She can increase beauty and attraction of these points and if need be she can purchase articles which are available in the market and even people are available to help her in Beauty Parlours.

Woman, Best Creation of God!

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Let us discuss some of the points on her body:

(1)          First of all we should concentrate on her face.  She must try to keep the hair clean and she must use right type of hair cleaner which has been advised by the people expert in this line.  She must tie and dress her hair as per advice and as per fashion prevailing amongst women of her society. She must use right type of oil or perfume for her hair and she must see that her hair are attractive and well dressed. If need be she must wash her hair daily.

(2)          She must keep her forehead neat and clean and your forehead should never show that you are sad and is not receiving the man with pleasure.  Your forehead must convince that you are receiving the man you like and you are not trying to send him away. Your forehead shows that you are trying to confronting the man standing before you and you are not  opposing him. Your forehead shall establish at first sight to which group you belong and what is your status in the society around you.  As per traditions, here in India we believe that our luck and destiny is written on our forehead and therefore, this forehead is the index of our mind and if we have a loving heart, our forehead shall speak the truth and we shall not be able to conceal the real feelings which are arising in our heart. Therefore, every woman who wants to enlist herself in beautiful women, she must try to keep her forehead acceptable to all men around her.

(3)          The one most beautiful item on the face is set of two eyes which should be charming, attractive, open, wide, deep, full of love, full of affection, full of romance, full of attraction and a lady must devote much time in turning these eyes more attractive.  Our eyes must be clean and duly decorated with items which are available in the market. Our eyes shall tell whether we are tired or we are fresh, whether we are accepting the man standing before us or we are ignoring the man having a look on our eyes.  Our eyes shall tell whether we are conscious or we are asleep, our eyes shall tell whether we are feeling danger from the man or we are feeling rest and security in presence of this man.  you must try to become most dear through your eyes and your eyes shall establish whether you are ashamed of the situation or you are modest on this occasion and when you act stealthily the man can understand what you are feeling for him.  Similarly a woman can attract a man and can compel him to follow her on her making a hint to him.  The woman must take special care of her eyes.

(4)          She must keep her nose clean and must avoid cold and cough. Nose is the main item on our face and if shape is not good, we can consult a surgeon.  Otherwise normal nose shall work and we should avoid touching this nose time and again when we are present before others.

(5)          Our lips are one of the most attractive items on our face and therefore, we should keep our lips clean and must use lipstick as per the colour of our clothes.  The people expert in this line are waiting for you in the Beauty parlours.  Please consult those people and you must keep lipsticks as per requirements in the house.

(6)          Your teeth must be clean, white and must be cleaned twice in a day and you should have a quarterly check-up from an expert dentist because there are some diseases which could be avoided by preventing long term diseases.  We should use toothpastes  and it shall be better if we change toothpaste every month.  In due course we shall find out which type of tooth paste is most suitable to our teeth.

(7)          Inside of your mouth, must be clean and it should not give out bad smell..  The tooth past we use does much cleaning, but at the same time we must know what we have eaten and whether those items shall give out bad smell or good smell and if some items which is giving out bad smell, we should clean the teeth and our mouth after each such eating and we must be sure that our wind coming out of our mouth is not giving out bad smell because most of the men run away from such women which give our bad smell from their mouths.

(8)          If God has given you long neck, you are lucky but even small neck can do and attract the man. Your can clean your neck as many time as you can because dirt can gather here on the neck.  It must be clean and you can wear some necklace as per your desire, but it should suit your neck and it must be amongst the items which your man desires.  You should keep your head high so that your neck be clear before the man and he can have a look on your neck.  When you keep your head high, it shows that you are having self confidence and you shall look more beautiful.  Your shoulders shall be clear and even your breasts shall give a better show.   You must know that your breast is the most beautiful part of your body and it is a special gift from the side of God.  We have seen that a special industry is busy and they are producing different types of brassieres and you must take care while purchasing these sets for your own use.  You must know that your man shall be pleased to see that you are well with the time and you are having the desired sets of brassieres with you and when you are all alone with your man, you may be able to expose this item and get the most of his love and attractions for you.  The woman of today must take care while keeping her breast well and must see that she is using the right type of brassieres.  Lucky are the women who are having right type of breasts and they are also keeping themselves healthy and small through these items on her body.  And in spite of all beauty if she is not cautious and is not keeping her breasts neat and clean and giving out good perfume, she would be ignored by her man.  She should get guidance which part of the breast should be covered and which part should be available naked for her man.  The people busy in makeup in films and who are preparing models are giving us much guidance and we should follow them.

(9)          She must keep her waist  as per her breast and when she loses her breasts and hide these items it means she is not keeping her waist as per need of the body.  She must not take fatty things and she must take exercise and she must see that her waist is always invisible and only her breasts must come forward.  similarly she must take care of her loins, her back of hips, haunch and lumber region.  From below her breast, she has got her waist, her hips and then her legs and all these items are adding to her beauty and she must keep the psychology of man always in her mind while eating, while taking exercise and while decorating her body.

(10)     Women must keep their hands, legs, arms, feet, nails, front side of hands, clean, neat and attractive and she must see that her hands are never dirty.

(11)     She must keep a good command on languages and at least she must have good command on the language which is understandable to her man and she must speak well and with sweet voice.

(12)     She must be social and she must wait for her man and must be ready, fresh, duly prepared when she shall meet her man.

(13)     She must not make complaints nor she should raise problems before the man because this shall destroy the meeting pleasures and shall keep the man away.  You should make it sure that your man is with you and he shall be with you only when he enjoying your body with your full participation and his mind and heart is not shed away because of complaints you have made.  When there is love making time, you must keep this time only for love making and  nothing more and nothing less.  You shall not be satisfied and you would not enjoy to your entire satisfaction if your man is not with you with his heart and soul.  Therefore, you must expose all your beauties before him and should give him full participation from your side and you must see that your man should not forget this occasion and must try to have such occasions in his life and must long for such occasion.

(14)     She must know that she must keep her feet neat and clean and there should be no pacca dirt on feet and similarly the man shall be interested in taking her hands in his hand and shall be pressing the hands and therefore, her hands must be ready for such a touch and pressing.

(15)     She must utilize right type of perfume which is attracting her man and must not use such perfumes which are in the hate list of her man.

(16)     She must know which parts of her body come within the kissing zone of her man and which parts are within the zones of tracing, pressing and deep kissing and therefore, those parts shall need special attention.

(17)     And above all the successful woman shall never be tired but shall give full participation to the man and she knows that when the lovemaking is one-sided from the side of the man, then this love-making or sex shall not be less than rape which is a crime.

Woman is the best creation of God and therefore, she must ensure that she is not lowering the status of production at any stage and especially when you are creating an occasion of enjoyment with your man. In some cultures, especially in Hinduism, they consider women as pure form of creation, they give more respect to women than men. They even have festivals dedicated to admire this greatest creation of God.

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