Dating can be quite a sensational experience  if you discover the beauty in dating. God created human beings with so much similarity and yet so much differences. This brings out the beauty in dating because we are eager to know about the other person. The soul searching and connection is amazing when it happens. It is very exhilarating to learn about others and appreciate how awesome and great God’s creation is. Each individual is a whole world in him/herself. He who has saved a soul has saved the whole world. This shows how great human being interaction is. Matchmaking services or speed dating are ideas which are good but a lot is missed out. Exploration of ultimate great entity which is a human being is compromised.

For there to be beauty in dating, there ought to be curiosity about the other person. Your dates will be continuous if you have curiosity to know more about your potential date. This builds relationships to unprecedented levels. The infinite curiosity about the other person’s life, work or family keeps the conversations going and help in choosing a soul mate. In a dating relationship where there is deepest level of the need to adventure, boredom will never find root. Conversations born out of curiosity enables two dating people to reveal their inner self without feeling the need to defend themselves. If there is no curiosity, an individual might feel like he/she is subjected to interrogation.

If we a adopt such a mind set when we are in the dating process, the beauty in dating will be well reflected in the exciting adventures which do not end after the first few dates. The Process of knowing a person cannot be rushed as it is the gradual expression of his/her inner self. It allows the dating partners to shine on each others lives resulting into a positive view of their nature. If curiosity does not wane and if time take its course, the beauty in dating is evident in the romantic relationship. The fun is not in reaching the destination but in the journey itself. If you enjoy every minute in dating and marriage, being a couple is not all important. If you are a couple that has problems in dating, getting married will not make you any happier.

How often do you stop and wonder at the beauty of this world? Are you too busy or mentally occupied for this? If you do not appreciate the beauty of your surrounding, you will rarely notice the beauty in dating. When you visit or appreciate something together with someone you love, the feeling is a wonderful one. Stop to appreciate how beautiful your brother or sister is. Sometimes it is not because of physical inability or disability but lack of will. There are so many beautiful things which can bring light to your world. You will remain in the shadow of darkness when you fail to notice the uniqueness in other people. Search the light of a girl’s or man’s soul in dating and you will have uncovered the beauty in dating.

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