Have you recently moved to a new town and have no idea where to go to get your hair done? Or perhaps you’re looking for a stylist who is more skilled than those at your local bargain salon that cut your kid’s hair?

You can find a great beauty salon without going through the trials and tribulations of getting a bad cut, or a great cut in a salon setting you hate. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding an excellent beauty salon as long as you know what to watch out for, and what sorts of questions to ask the stylist.

Where to find one?

You can look in the phone book, but the best way to find a great beauty salon is to ask friends, family, and even co-workers who are sporting nice hair. If they are thrilled with their beauty salon they’ll be more than happy to offer the name of the salon and their stylist. Keep in mind, though, that you may not find the salon to be a good fit for your needs, even if your Aunt Bertha raves about it.

There are other things you should take into consideration besides excellent reviews.


The first thing to look for in a great beauty salon is services—do they offer what you need? More and more salons are expanding their list of services to accommodate today’s busy lady, but not all offer what you may want to accomplish in your day of beauty.

Not only can you expect to get your hair done (cut, styled, processed and hair extensions), but you can also have unwanted hair waxed, indulge in a manicure, pedicure or facial, or even splurge for spray tanning. Some salons are even offering cosmetic processes under the hands of a medical professional, such as laser hair removal or Botox injections.

So, what are service options that you should think about?

Well, if getting your brows waxed is something you like to have done at the same time as getting your hair cut, you will want to find a salon that offers both services. Or perhaps you’d like to have a manicure and a color touch-up regularly. In either case, a great beauty salon will take care of your needs, as basic or complex as they may be.

If you’re looking for a very detailed service, such as hair extensions or special weaves, you might want to do a little more research to find the perfect salon that can give you the look you want. Going with a nearby salon with only marginal experience could end disastrously.

Location and Hours:

A great beauty salon will have a location and hours of operation that fit your busy schedule. If you work late and the salon rarely has appointments when you need them, it’s not a good salon for you, even if others rave about it.

You also want a salon that’s easy for you to travel to and from. If you have to travel many miles or a half hour through dense traffic, you’re either not going to enjoy your time at the salon, or you might not get your hair cut or styled as often as you need.


Some of the product brands may think you’re worth it, but if you have to rob a bank to pay for your hair colour or other salon services, it’s not the best beauty salon for you. When inquiring about a salon ask about prices for services and don’t be afraid to call around.

However, don’t jump at the first salon that offers you a cheap price on a hair cut. You definitely get what you pay for, especially for the more involved processes like hair colour and perms. Look for a fair price for good services and you’ll be good to go.


Beauty salons come in a variety of different environments, and they may or may not be to your preference. For example, some cater to a family environment, others are more upscale to the point of bringing you a latte while you wait for your nails to dry. You may find you’re more comfortable in one setting than another. Knowing what atmosphere you’re looking for will help you choose the best beauty salon for you.

Your First Visit:

Once you decide on a salon, instead of jumping in with both feet and going for the hair cut—which could be disastrous—see if the salon offers a free consultation. At this point, a stylist will evaluate your hair, its health, and what style would look most flattering with your facial features.

You’ll want to take note if the stylist listens to your questions and needs instead of trying to give you a cut that’s easy for them to do. For instance, if you draw the line at blow drying your hair, then a cut that requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance isn’t appropriate, even if you’d look totally gorgeous with it.

If the salon doesn’t offer a consultation session then go for a minor process, such as a blow dry and style, or a brow waxing. During this time you’ll be able to get a feel for the salon and the stylist’s expertise. Again, the stylist should listen to your needs and concerns as well as offer you excellent service.

Go Prepared:

In either case, you’ll want to bring pictures of your dream hair style with you. See if they’re able to do a certain cut, or are familiar with a hair processing technique that you’d like to try. If not, or if they steer you a different way because they lack the skills, you might want to look elsewhere. Also, be truthful about what you do to your hair. If you permed or colored it yourself, admit to it so the hair stylist can help you undo the damage.


When you visit a new beauty salon it’s important to take a look around at the environment. You deserve to have a positive hair experience, where the environment is clean and safe, and where you can also get a skilled cut or style.

Does the salon sweep up loose hair regularly?

Do they utilize sanitizing methods for scissors and combs?

Does the staff look professional and clean?

Is the bathroom neat? If not, change salons right away.

You don’t want to end up with an infection of some sort because you stuck with an unclean salon.

My Stylist Quit!

It happens every once in awhile—you find the perfect salon and stylist and she quits!

Have no fear, there’s hope. First, if it’s a good salon you could try a different stylist. Chances are they will offer you the same skill and quality of services as your last stylist. If you’re unsure, ask where your favorite stylist went. Most salons will understand your need to stay with the familiar and will tell you which salon she’s working at now, so you can ring her there.

In Closing:

Finding a great beauty salon doesn’t have to be a trial and error experience if you know what questions to ask and what to look for. If you assess each salon by desirable qualities such as location, price and services, then take it slow and go with a consultation or minor service, you’ll end up with great hair without the stress.

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