how to beautiful complexion face

Its and age old problem that every culture has faced and tried to conquer, how to obtain and preserve a beautiful complexion.

When it comes to our complexion natures gift to us very greatly, if you were given a clear, fine complexion you want to protect it, on the other hand if she was not so kind we want to improve our complexion, so how can we do that.

First lets remember that the skin is not only a covering for our body, but skin is also an important organ used for the elimination of certain materials from the blood. If we look at it from this point of view skin ranks with the kidneys, lungs, and intestines as an organ of excretion meaning its function is to separate and remove certain materials from our bodies.

The skin and therefore our complexion will often be affected by constitutional disturbance, just like the kidneys and the bowels are, and in addition its exposure to the weather and to external influences of all kinds, make it often the seat of problems which will interfere with our goal of having beautiful skin.

We have hereditary influence such as psoriasis and eczema which appear more frequently in children of parents who have suffered from these diseases. Nervous disorders are another influence which can predispose us to skin rashes, the many different kinds of cleaning materials we use have been know to cause us to breakout in a skin rash.

Some of the problems we face with our complexion can be resolved with proper cleaning of the skin this in turn will help in achieving beautiful skin, the scales which compose the outer part of our skin are constantly being loosened so they can be readily removed, thousands of sweat glands are pouring out a considerable amount of perspiration day and night, winter and summer. In addition to these we have numerous little pockets in the skin called sebaceous glands, which secret an oily material on the skin. This results in a constant accumulation on the skin of dried scales and the liquids that are being discharged, this material must be removed in order to permit the free action of the pores to keep them from being stopped up and helping us to have beautiful skin.

The best thing to use to remove this material and help give you beautiful skin, as a general rule is only soap and water stay away from tinted and perfumed soap as they are usually made from the cheaper grade of perfume and coloring and may retain irritating properties, and instead of helping you in your quest for beautiful skin will only make it worse.

Get Beautiful Complexion

The following are some thoughts on how to have a beautiful skin:

Be clean

1. The great secret in acquiring a bright beautiful skin is temperance, exercise, and cleanliness.

Sleep early

2. High living and late hours will destroy the most beautiful complexion.

No caffeine

3. Those who desire to have beautiful skin should never drink strong coffee or eat warm bread and butter, or very much fat meat.


4. Moderate diet and frequent bathing will insure a health and beautiful complexion.

Bay rum

5. If you desire your beautiful skin to be perfectly clean and white, bathe it in warm water and bran, adding a few drops of bay rum.

Rose water

6. To keep the skin and face perfectly soft, take the whites of four eggs boiled in rose water, one half ounce of alum, and one half ounce of sweet almonds, beat the whole together till it assumes the consistency of paste. spread this on a cloth and wear it on the face during the night.


7. Another good preparation to produce soft and beautiful skin is, take a small piece of the gum of benzoin and boil it in spirits of wine till it becomes a rich tincture. Fifteen drops of this, poured into a glass of water, will produce a mixture which will look milk, and it also has an agreeable perfume. This will give the face a rich flesh color.

Ray protection

8. A lady who possesses a beautiful face should preserve it by wearing a veil or other covering when going into the open air or sunlight. Use big sun-glasses and head gears.

No heavy cosmetics

9. Do not use strong cosmetics, paints or pastes for adorning the face. They will ruin the best and most beautiful complexion in the world.

No fake make-up

10. To power and paint the cheek of beauty, is a ridiculous and culpable practice. There are many good remedies to produce a good health and natural complexion, that is all that is necessary. There is no such beauty as a rosy check which nature paints.

how to beautiful complexion skin

Remedies for Beautiful Skin

Here are a few remedies used to remove freckles.


1. Wash the skin at night with elder flower water, and apply the following ointment, simmer together gently 1 oz. of Venice soap, 1/4 oz. of deliquated oil of tartar, and 1/4 oz. of oil of bitter almonds. When it thickens add 3 drops of oil of rhodium. Wash off the ointment on rising.


2. Another remedy is, lemon juice 1 oz., powdered borax 1/4 dr., sugar 1/2 dr. let it stand a few days in a glass bottle, and apply occasionally.

Please before you try to use any of the old cures in this article consult a dermatologist first, we have many new and up to date treatments to chose from.

And I will leave you with the following:

“why tinge the cheek of youth? the showy neck, why load with jewels? why anoint the hair? Oh, lady, scorn these arts; but richly deck Thy soul with virtues; thus for love prepare! Lo, with what vermin tints the apple blooms. say , does the rose the painters hand require? A way, then, with cosmetics and perfumes. The charms of nature most excite desire.”

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