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Feeling clear and new is essential in lifestyle. Not having that feeling, it is challenging to be energetic and productive in your routines. I utilized to endure from sweaty armpits, which deprived me of that freedom for a extensive time. I even had a challenging time choosing on the apparel to put on, fearing that some colors may well show my sweat stains much more of course. Luckily, I managed to cease my sweaty armpits and regain my flexibility gradually.

Sweating is a standard process of the entire body, and comes about in particular when the encompassing temperature is also warm. Nevertheless, if you are like me, you could obtain on your own sweating even while you do not experience warm. There is no require to be alarmed, as this is a ailment that about two to three % of the population have. It is known medically as hyperhidrosis, and generally takes place in the armpits. It is probable to halt sweaty armpits, but it is vital to come across the ideal cure for you.

Having sweaty armpits is a socially crippling problem. It is extremely embarrassing and sufferers could avoid moving around with other people because of this and begin to keep mostly to themselves. The first thing to do to stop this condition is to understand that it is a problem, and can be cured.

This condition is by no means exclusive. About one person in every hundred in the population suffers from this condition. Scientifically, this condition as explained above is known as ‘hyperhidrosis’. Let us dwell deeper into the cause.

How to keep armpits dry?

Causes of sweating armpits

It has been found that there are two major types of hyperhidrosis: primary and secondary hyperhidrosis.

Primary hyperhidrosis is a hereditary condition that is passed on genetically and generally shows itself around adolescence.

Secondary hyperhidrosis on the other hand can develop at any age. However, while primary hyperhidrosis is generally accepted as having a genetic cause, the real specific cause is yet unknown. Secondary hyperhidrosis, on the other hand, occurs mainly due to a malfunction in the victim’s thyroid or pituitary glands. It might also have other causes including tumors and diabetes.

Sweating armpits prevention

Is there a cure? yes, sufferers need not despair as there is hope yet. There are several cures that can limit, and in certain cases almost remove completely all symptoms. Treatments could involve surgery, drugs or even natural remedies.


Surgery is suggested mainly in extreme cases. It generally deals with removing the nerves that trigger the sweat glands. This process, however, has it’s own risks. Sweat is essential for the skin in order for it to remain uncracked. Lack of sweat could also stop the skin being supple and cause it to heat up. Cutting of the nerves that are responsible for this could cause larger problems in the future. Some conventional surgical treatments for under arm sweating include iontophoresis, excision of axillary sweat glands, under arm antiperspirants etc. Surgery on the other hand is a sure cure to the problem but it has some disadvantages too. The after math side effects and complications that may arise cause a lot of problem in daily life. Surgical procedures usually leave behind visible scars or cuts on the superficial layers on skin. However, the advancements in technology have given us safe to take drugs and medications which are known to be effective cure to the sweating disorder.


Shaving the regions that are affected by excessive sweating would also help. Shaved underarms would greatly reduce the chances of sweating armpits. Hair in such regions would increase the chances of sweat decomposing due to yeast and other bacterial actions. However, this is not a cure by itself. It will, however, reduce the chances of bromhidrosis. It will not, however cure the problem of sweaty armpits completely.

shaving wet armpits underarm sweat prevention

Deo and soaps

Deodorants are generally the primary defense line for most individuals. Antiperspirant deodorants that are available in the market can reduce the chances of sweaty armpits. However, this method is not as effective on other parts of the body that are exposed. Soap is better, clean your armpits for 2 minutes, rubbing it gently when you bath.

deo soap wet armpits underarm sweat prevention


Chemical treatments exist for this condition that are varied and effective. Generally, for the palms, genital regions and groin, this type of treatment is suggested. For such regions, a solution of aluminium chloride is applied using a plastic film. This film might cause irritation and if this occurs, the solution can be used itself. Generally, this is applied once every day, but in severe cases, twice a day can be allowed. By using this method, many sufferers have had a substantial amount of relief within the span of a week. Other solutions that can be used include that of methenamine.


Drug treatments are also preferred, as it is much easier to ingest some pills than using patches and other chemicals. The most popular of these drugs are propantheline and phenoxybenzamine. However, keep in mind that these drugs could have side effects just like all other medication and it would be a good idea to consult a medical practitioner before using them. It would be sad to cure oneself of sweaty armpits only to find a bad side-effect because of the cure.

Home remedies

Natural remedies for underarm sweating are often thought to be less effective than chemical ones. This, however, is not true. Sweaty armpits can just as well be cured by natural treatments as by chemical ones. And natural treatments have the added advantage of having little or no chance of side effects.

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