Container gardening has become lately very popular with its use of various types of containers. For the urban dweller this is an ideal way to bring the outdoor green right into the apartments and limited space. The first thing is to map out the best places to keep these containers keeping in view the variety and size of the plants. There are innumerable pots available in the market and thus the space limit is no constraint. With imagination and a pinch of innovation these urns can fit in practically anywhere in the home. For instance the entry can be made welcome and attractive with two pots hanging from either side of the door. In concrete jungles the urn garden seems to be the only alternative to savor the green of Nature. Moreover caring for this garden containing vegetables, flowers and herbs can be a soothing and relaxing exercise. The rewards from the trouble taken can be satisfying and comforting. In relatively bigger houses the best places for keeping the containers would be porticos, driveways and balconies. Kept in the proper niches these containers would add freshness and color to the scenario. Middle sized shrubs in pots can be made to form a border for driveways. The steps leading up to the main entry can be changed into a clam-shell green wonder with rustic looking ferns in bunches and pots topped with moss against an undulating backdrop scenario. There are many kinds of pots made from a variety of materials aE” wood, ceramic, plastic, mosaic, terracotta as well as metals. Window boxes are gaining in popularity especially for apartment dwellers constrained by space. The sills of windows can become small gardens by using crates or even small fruit boxes. The one condition is that there must be lots of sunshine.

Lighting arrangement can enhance the beauty of the container gardens. The plants could be made to match the wall colors. For instance the total effect could be heightened with vibrant colored plants placed against walls with pale shades. The plants however have to lovingly cared for and placed so that these are exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight. A reflector can be used to improvise for the lack of natural sunshine. One should bear in mind the hazards of the weather while placing the plants so that they are protected from the vagaries of rough winds. Of prime importance is the watering of plants. It would be handy to have the water supply source nearby. All this scheduling has to be done before actually getting down to the work of laying out a container garden.

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