how to get big butt in 5 minutes

Contrary to maybe a decade ago and prior to that, today an increasing amount of women want a round, big and voluptuous booty and to have one has become increasingly popular to the masses. Even if you already have a cute booty there is still a great interest for people to enhance what they already have. Having a big voluptuous booty is all the rave in the entertainment industry and takes high precedence on celebrities list on what physical attributes to attain. With all the media hype there are countless women racing to get butt implants or injections. Though, for most women it is just to costly and risky of a procedure to follow through with. For these women there are great options that are actually good for you, too. It can be very frustrating and daunting for those that are not endowed with a highly sought after sexy booty but don’t want the painful risky butt implants or injections. Or just don’t have the money for the costly procedures.

How to Make Your Ass Bigger and Firmer?

Not everyone was blessed with the right genes for a full, round behind. If you’ve been working at getting a bigger buttocks and have yet to see results, there’s still hope. Here are 3 simple tricks you can try to boost that booty. You need to gently massage for 5 minutes and you can make your booty head turner!

Fish Oil for Big Buttocks

Yes, it stinks but it sure does work. It is said that when you rub fish oil on your rear, you can gain between 1-4 inches. Well how is that possible? This method is effective because fish oil stimulates your body to produce fatty acids and apidose tissue. However, fish oil can rob your body of vitamin E, so the trick is to mix it with vitamin E oil. This replaces what you might’ve lost and increases the fat in your bum.

Skin Brushing to Firm Your Ass

One of the best tools for getting a bigger buttocks is a brush. As incredible as it may seem, dry skin brushing can help “push” some fat where you want it to go. While you can’t move every fat cell from your body to your bum by skin brushing, with time, you can move enough to notice a difference in how it’s shaped. Not only does dry brushing help redistribute fat, it also rejuvenates and tightens your skin, boosts circulation and reduces cellulite.

Collagen Cream for Rounded Butt

What collagen can do for your lips, it can do for your rump. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen. As a result, wrinkles appear and skin starts to sag. This is an excellent method to help you get a bigger bum because it stimulates collagen production. Applying collagen cream to your buttocks can help firm and plump up the skin, giving it a more lifted look.

What does it matter if you weren’t born with a large derriere? They say if the grass is greener on the other side, just water yours! With the right tools, getting a bigger buttocks is possible and can be done.

You want people to look at you when you pass them? then you must enhance your butt size, making your booty big and sexy.

But how often do you stop to appreciate what your butt does for you? Its time you read buttock care guides given below to make your bums huge and attractive.

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