Dark Skin Makeup

Early-morning workouts notwithstanding, faded makeup and unkempt hair are usually more closely associated with sluggishness than sex appeal. But at the spring 2006 shows in New York, Milan, and Paris, underdone beauty made a memorable appearance on virtually every runway.

The tradition continues even today and the modern beauties deem eye make up as the best way to heighten physical attractiveness. Hence, no matter what color or shape your eyes are, clever usage of eye make up can turn them to beauty assets, giving them greater depth and meaning.

Men and women alike require a foundation, concealer and blush/bronzer for any HDTV appearance. Women (and some men) will also need eye makeup and lip color.

Glowing skin

Some of the most commonly used lasers to affect skin lightening include Quality-switched (Q-switched) lasers. Q-switch lasers vary in the amount of energy each laser emits and in their effect on the skin’s pigment. Q-switched lasers include the Nd:YAG laser (wavelengths of 532 nm and 1064 nm), the alexandrite laser (755 nm) and a variable pulse Nd:YAG laser (532 nm).

If you’re 40 and under, wear the gold and silver as much as you like. If your eyelids begin to lose elasticity, the glittery shades will magnify the creases. The result is that the glitter will settle in the creases and will age your eyes, instead of enhance them. Try vibrant colors in the matte eye shadows, adds Chicago-area makeup artist Jamese.

Jamese adds that now is the time to take your fall colors into spring: “Go from darker colors to more vibrant, bright, colors,” she tells rolling out. “Women of color can wear a variety of colors; we just have to find the correct shades for our skin tones.”

Most yellow toned cosmetics have the most amazing eye colours, use the light shade on the entire eyelid, follow with a medium shade on lower part up to the crease, and blend the colours to create a natural look. To complete the look ,follow with a dark shade on the corner to create depth.

To apply blush stand in front of a mirror in a well lighted room and make a smiley face or suck in your cheeks (this is after your foundation has been applied of course!), use a soft blush brush and start from the ear line stopping at the apple of your cheek, 1-2 strokes with your brush should usually be enough as you do not want to over apply your blush even if it suits your skin tone, usually the more you apply the brighter it becomes.


Unless you have dark skin do not wear black eyeliner. Black creates too great a contrast if you have paler skin. Experiment with a range of dark grey to light brown instead or try blending the eyeliner with a thin layer of eye shadow.

You want the dramatic eye effect, and nothing brings out your brown eyes like that kohl black liner on the bottom, right? Wrong. Heavy liner on the bottom lid will drag down the eye and makes you appear tired. You want uplift, so apply the eyeliner to the top lid, and outer corner of the eye.

Green eye-shadow in reality reveals almost every eye color. Feel free to carry out experimentation on this by mixing the eyeshadow with different shade in the corners.

Similarly, there are other reddish or light colors which suits the dark skin.

black women makeup - eyeliners for black females

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