“Let the beauty you love be what you do,” is one of my favorite quotes by Rumi.

It is also an invitation to a powerful and transformative way of being and doing. Whether it is the way you make your bed or prepare a meal, doing whatever you do from the energy and spirit of beauty is a transformational practice.

Consider “beauty” as a practice for your business. Whether it is your business vision, the physical space of your business, the ways you connect with clients or how you market, calling upon the energy and spirit of beauty will transform both you as a business leader and your business itself.

Beauty inspires. Inspiration – whose origin is “in Spirit” – is an energy source and wisdom that flows from within. Inspired ideas and actions carry their own natural energy and always move you toward successful outcomes.

Beauty nourishes and gives pleasure to the mind, body and soul. Imagine what it would be like if your business and business activities nourished and brought you pleasure. Practice and surround yourself with beauty as a way of doing business, and this will become your reality.

Beauty attracts and charms. The practice of beauty naturally makes you more magnetic and your services or products attractive to clients.

Excellence, artistry, truth and originality are attributes of beauty. They are also elements of authentic, successful and sustainable businesses and business brands.

Other attributes of beauty are grace, harmony and order. These bring ease and flow into the business mix.

Here are a few basic business beauty suggestions:

Clear your desk every day before your business day is over. Keep fresh flowers or buy something beautiful for an area of your office that you see frequently during the day. Dress and groom yourself each day in a way that you feel beautiful – even if you never see a client. Do one task at a time. Have a place for everything and return everything to its place. Practice being present with you, in every interaction and with whatever you are doing. Slow down and breathe regularly through the day. Choose excellence and artistry in your work. (Perfectionism is neither about excellence nor beauty; give it up. 🙂 ) Meditate or contemplate beauty in your business regularly. Play beautiful and inspiring music in the background while you work.

Consider Beauty. There are countless ways to bring the spirit and energy of beauty into your business. Practicing beauty is good for the soul and good for business.

Step Into Your Greatness…
Make beauty a business practice.

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