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During the endless quests for a perfect body, many women want to change the shape of their booty as well. Just doing a Google search for “how do I make my butt bigger?” will turn up all kinds of results—many of which are scams to sell fake pills or “buttock enhancers.” It can be hard to tell the urban legends from the facts. One of the most commonly discussed foods with big booty potential is cornbread, which inevitably begs the question: does cornbread make your booty bigger, or is it another misconception?

You want to know how to get bigger buttocks with the best buttocks exercise? I can tell you precisely the very best buttocks exercise to get bigger buttocks, and reveal this cornbread connection!

Big Booty Secrets

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Get Bigger Buttocks

I’ve only recently discovered these exercises myself mind, but I am willing to share them with you – all of you, who have come here in your quest to find ways to get a bigger booty and ultimately get bigger buttocks.

It all started a few years ago, when I embarked on a course to become a personal trainer after I had been chatting to a fantastic new personal trainer at my gym.

It was this new personal trainer, Sally, who showed me how to change my whole body. She told me of the most amazing ways to change my boring and dull exercise routine at the gym. The gym I’d been going to for years. Although at least I had been going to the gym – many of my friends had never even stepped inside a gym!

I continued to go to my gym, but I changed my whole routine and eating habits, I changed everything. I changed the things I ate, I changed my exercise routines, and because I was so inspired by the trainer in the gym, I became ultra motivated. Motivated to change everything that I had control over.

So, it was because of the best buttocks exercise that I was introduced to, that I managed to change my whole shape and ultimately I’ve changed my whole life.

And because Sally showed me the way to change my whole life, I became so motivated that I wanted to show others around me how to do the same. I soon enrolled on a course in health and fitness and have learned so much. I am now qualified as a personal trainer and I absolutely love it.

Let me tell you how to get bigger buttocks with cornbread and the best buttocks exercise – they are really great and they don’t have to be too intense, but you have to realize that you must use some weights or resistance to increase the size of your muscle or the body change process can take too long.

You must also eat lots of good healthy protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats. Not a bad way of eating in my mind.

One of the biggest muscles in the human body is the gluteus maximus muscle – this is one of a group of three in each of our buttocks. All muscles need energy to grow and gain size, but fortunately for us, the bigger the muscle initially, the more energy it requires for growth.

Muscles use more energy when they are just being used to perform daily chores, compared to when they are resting, and they use more energy than normal when you put them under stress. Putting them under stress means you are exercising them to their limit and thus causing them to grow and gain mass. When the muscles are exercised, they burn up more energy (in the form of calories) and they will then start to burn excess fat from unwanted areas of the body. They will continue to need a bigger supply of calories all the time – bigger muscles need more energy always!

The answer, interestingly enough, is both yes and no. Cornbread and many of the foods eaten with it (chili, butter, etc) are very high in carbohydrates and fat, which will definitely add to your curves. Just eating cornbread alone will indeed give you a juicier booty, but depending on your body type and shape it may add unwanted padding elsewhere as well.

Big Booty Secret - Cornbread and benchpress for Buttock

Cornbread for Firm Buttocks

If you want to use cornbread to make your booty bigger, you should add in a variety of exercises as well.
The particular exercises depend on:
1) where you naturally gain weight the fastest (arms, thighs, breasts, etc.)
2) how you want your whole body to look. If eating cornbread makes you gain weight in your arms more than your butt, for instance, you’ll need to eat more cornbread to get the booty you want and work out with your arms to get rid of any extra flabbiness that shows up there.
Big Booty Secret - Cornbread and benchpress for Buttocks

Regardless of your desired look and cornbread consumption, there are a couple of exercises that are guaranteed to boost your booty. Squats and leg lifts will add more muscle, which only makes your butt a little bit bigger but will tighten and lift it to make it look fantastic. Add in lunges and stair climbing if you want a firmer booty, or just focus on squats if you want to keep some jiggle. Doing even a few repetitions a day will build up in the long run, leaving you with a booty everyone will envy.
Big Booty Secrets - Cornbread and Exercise for Buttocks

Make sure when you’re working towards a bigger butt that you don’t sacrifice your overall health and body. If keeping a trim stomach is important to you, add crunches and oblique workouts to your daily squat routine. These tips for getting a big booty may also result in larger breasts: if you want to emphasize and lift them, exercise your pectorals with bench presses and the like for extreme curves. While nothing short of weight gain or surgery can actually give you bigger breasts, having strong pecs will push them farther out on your chest and make them look bigger.
Big Booty Secrets - Cornbread and benchpress for Buttocks

If you find other areas getting out of shape from your cornbread consumption, you can always do some targeted workouts for those specific muscle groups. Talk to the staff at any gym for help knowing which machine to use for each exercise: most of the exercises you want can be done at home, with or without hand weights, but things like bench presses or pull-ups require more specialized equipment. You may not see results right away, but don’t worry! Keep this up for a few weeks and you will definitely improve. Also, remember that you’re not the best judge of your own progress. You see yourself in the mirror every day, so tiny incremental changes will go unnoticed. Take pictures at the start and once every week or two: looking at them side-by-side, you’ll be able to see just how much bigger your booty has gotten.

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