natural stone flooring system

Natural stone has been used to create beautiful roofs, floor and walls since a long time. A house with properly installed and maintained natural stone can last for hundreds of years. Any hard mass of rock is known as natural stone. In the old age, they were used in the building of various types of monuments, structures, commercial and residential places. In the current scenario, they are mostly used as a flooring material. The use of indigenous stones for the work of non-residential and home decoration has been around since 4,500 years. Natural stones were also used to construct the famous Pyramids of Egypt.

What is Natural Flooring?

Natural stones are basically of three types- igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Marble and slate are the examples of organic process stone, while granite is an example of the igneous stone. Limestone and Travertine are the examples of sedimentary stones. Natural stones are easily available in the market in different colours, shapes and sizes. Some common types are natural Stone Mosaics, Natural stone Tiles and Travertine Mosaics. The most popular types of natural stones are single tiles and multiple tiles.

Benefits of Using Natural Flooring

  1. Easy maintenance
  2. Floors are durable and attractive
  3. Floors can be swept, vacuumed, mopped and occasionally washed with an oil-based soap to keep the surface glossy

Disadvantage of Using Natural Flooring

  1. The floors cannot be easily patched if they are damaged
  2. Too hard on the accidental fall
  3. Gets warm in hot weather

Properly maintained natural stone can last a long time. There are certain tips on how to care them. First, regularly clean the floor with a mild detergent. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse and dry the surface with soft clean cloth. Spills on natural stone surfaces should be wiped out as soon as possible. To protect floor surfaces, do cover it with non-slip mats while place trivets or placements on countertop surfaces. Do not use cleaners that contain acid on marble and limestone surfaces. Acids are harsh on natural stone.

Natural stone turn out to be perfect materials for patios in tile form. It could be used as a paving for pathways and could be used to surround swimming pools and fishponds. It can resist terrible weather outdoors.

Natural stones prove to be extremely good for fireplaces inside your home. Fireplaces are the location to flaunt the beauty of stones. The solidity and natural strength of the correct type of stone can secure and show off a fireplace as its best. A well-planned fireplace with natural stones can be a thing of great beauty in your room.

Huge structures that are completely cast out of stone are a lovely sight to behold and easily catch attention. It is a strong and concrete structure. Even though it is more expensive, the end result would be stronger, more elegant and having a long-lasting investment.

Every home has its own elegance and beauty which is portrayed best by the materials it is made up of. Building your dream home close to nature will surely add loads of beauty to it. In terms of timeless designs and durability Natural stone is the best material.


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