Cough is a sudden and often repetitively occurring reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages from secretions, irritants, foreign particles and microbes. The cough reflex consists of three phases: an inhalation, a forced exhalation against a closed glottis, and a violent release of air from the lungs following opening of the glottis, usually accompanied by a distinctive sound. Coughing is either voluntary or involuntary.

A cough can be the result of a respiratory tract infection such as the common cold, acute bronchitis, pneumonia or pertussis. In the vast majority of cases, acute coughs, i.e. coughs shorter than 3 weeks, are due to the common cold.

Asthma is a common cause of chronic cough in adults and children. Coughing may be the only symptom the person has from their asthma, or asthma symptoms may also include wheezing, shortness of breath, and a tight feeling in their chest. Depending on how severe the asthma is it can be treated with bronchodilators (medicine which causes the airways to open up) or inhaled steroids.

Common Cough can be due to dust allergies, nasal problems, cold etc. We have given home remedies for common Cough. Severe and prolonged Cough can be symptoms of many diseases like tuberculoses, lung related problems etc.

Cough Treatment

Conventionally, How is a cough treated?

1. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
2. Elevate your head with extra pillows when sleeping.
3. Use cough drops to soothe your throat.
4. Gargle with warm salt water regularly to remove mucus and soothe your throat.
5. Avoid irritants, including smoke and dust.

Other simple remedies to cure cough is listed further.

Cough - Ayurveda Natural Home remedies

Cough Ayurveda Treatment

1. Ginger grinded and this paste cooked with Jaggery (Gur) and small quantity of Ghee can be made into small balls and can be stored for few days. Sucking this ball while having Cough is a very good remedy for curing Cough.

2. Milk boiled with Ginger, Black pepper (Kali mirch), Basil (Tulsi) leaves, Cloves (Laung), Red Sugar candy (Mishri) or Jaggery is very useful in curing Cough. After drinking this milk cover the body and take rest for sometime. This can be repeated for few days.

3. Long pepper (Pipple), Black pepper, Almonds (Badam), Red Sugar candy (Mishri) powdered and mixed together and a tea spoon of this mixture taken everyday helps to cure Cough.

4. Basil (Tulsi) juice taken with Sugar candy (Mishri) helps to relieve from Cough, cold, fever.

5. Sucking a piece of Sugar candy or Black pepper or Ginger or Turmeric or Cinnamon gives instant relief and slowly reduces Cough.

6. One fourth spoon of Black pepper (Kali mirch) powder mixed with Ginger juice and Honey taken once in 2 hours reduces Cough within a day.

7. 4-5 Black Basil leaves and one Betel leaf (Pan) with 2 Cloves (Laung) grinded together and taken will also cure Cough.

8. A spoon of Basil juice and Garlic juice with Honey or Basil juice with Honey taken once in 2 hours helps to cure Cough.

9. Harad (Haritaki) paste applied on the chest helps to reduce Cough.

10. Gargling with hot water and Salt helps to clear phlegm (Balgum) and reduces Cough.

11. Bael pulp without seeds taken with Jaggery reduces Cough and phlegm (Balgum).

12. Basil juice, Onion juice, Ginger juice, Honey mixed together and taking a spoon of this juice once in a hour helps to cure Cough.

13. Turmeric and Black pepper boiled with Milk, filtered and this Milk taken twice a day helps to cure Cough.

14. Sucking a small piece of raw Onion or raw Garlic helps to reduce Cough.

15. Eating a Apple regularly for a week cures Cough completely.

Cough - Ayurvedic Natural Home remedies

16. Cinnamon (Dalchini) and Black pepper boiled in water and filtered and this decoction taken with Honey cures Cough and reduce phlegm (Balgum).

17. Carrom seeds (Ajwain), Fenu greek seeds (Menthi) boiled with water, filtered and this decoction taken with Honey reduces Cough and phlegm (Balgum).

18. Gooseberry (Amla) powder taken with Honey cures Cough.

19. Gooseberry grinded with Coriander (Dhania) leaves taken helps to cure dry Cough.

20. Eating Figs (Anjeer) helps to reduce phlegm (Balgum).

21. Sesame seeds (Til) and Sugar candy (Mishri) boiled in water for 10 minutes filtered and this decoction taken thrice a day helps to cure Cough.

22. Aniseeds (Sauf), Carrom seeds (Ajwain) boiled in water, filtered and this decoction mixed with Honey taken thrice a day helps to get relief from Cough.

23. Tea made with Ginger and Mint (Pudina) helps to cure Cough..

24. Violet tender Brinjal (Byangan) boiled and taken regularly helps to reduce Cough problem.

24. Lemon piece filled with Black pepper (Kali mirch) powder and Salt sucked slowly reduces Cough.

25. Carrom leaves (Ajwain) grinded with Garlic can be taken as a chutney to cure Cough.

26. Four spoons of Onion juice mixed with a spoon of Honey taken regularly cures Cough.

27. 10 grams of Ginger, Long pepper (Pipple), Black pepper each ,with 30 grams of Glycyrriza glabra (Jyeshta madhu) powdered and taken one spoon with Honey thrice a day cures severe Cough.

28. Equal quantities of Harad ( Haritaki ), Gooseberry, Glycyrriza glabra (Jyeshta madhu) powdered and one spoon of this powder taken with one spoon of Sugar with Milk thrice a day cures severe Cough.

29. 10 grams of Glycyrriza glabra (Jyeshta madhu) powdered and boiled with Milk for 10 minutes, filtered and this Milk taken with Honey thrice a day helps to cure severe Cough.

30. Glycyrriza glabra (Jyeshta madhu) powder boiled with Milk ,added with Sugar, filtered and taken helps to get relief from Cough.

31. Raisin (Kishmish), Black pepper, Licorice (Mulethi) in equal quantities powdered and taking a pinch of this powder thrice a day helps to cure severe Cough.

32. Maalbar (Adulasa,adusoge) leaf juice with Honey and Rock salt taken twice a day helps to cure severe Cough.

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