dysuria burning urine ayurvedic home remedy with causes, symptoms, signs, foods, prevention, diet

Ladies do you have to lift your butt and absorb the pain while urinating !

You feel the burning sensation while peeing ?

Dysuria is a common complaint in ladies with burning and pain during urination and frequent urge for urination. sometimes it is unbearable and person cannot tolerate burning. some home remedies have given which definitely helps to cure burning urine problem.

Causes of burning urine are excessive heat in the body, urinary infections, consuming more chilly, less water intake, more sweating, very hot weather etc.

Even males who intake spicy foods have complained about painful urine through their penis.

Burning Urine/Dysuria Treatment

Facts of Burning Urine/Dysuria

1. It is more common in women. More common in elderly males than in young men.

2. E. Coli is a common causative pathogen.

3. Usually not contagious.

4. Treatment depends on the cause.

5. May recur after antibiotic treatment.

6. Common Remedies also include Forskolin extract: Herbal cure.

7. Urinalysis: Dysuria test for pus in urine, blood in urine or protein in urine.

8. Urine culture: Dysuria test for microorganisms like E. Coli.

9. Cervical or urethral smear: Dysuria tests for sexually transmitted causes like gonorrhoea.

10. Spicy food and coffee may aggravate dysuria.

Causes of Dysuria/Burning Urine

1. Side effect of medication: Diuretics and other medications can increase urinary frequency.

2. Age-related changes: Weakening of the muscles of the bladder, urethra and pelvic floor many lower the amount of the urine the bladder can store as well as the ability to hold or properly eliminate urine.

3. Prostate problems: For men, an enlarged or infected prostate can lead to urgency and frequent urination, especially at night.

4. Radiation treatment: Treating cancers near the bladder (rectum or pubic bone cancers) may damage the bladder wall. The urgency or frequency that may result usually diminishes within a few weeks to a year.

5. Bladder problems: Frequent or urgent urination can be an early sign of bladder cancer. Bladder stones or bladder inflammation also can cause frequent or painful urination.

6. Diabetes: When excess blood sugar is excreted into urine, it draws water from the body’s tissues, increasing the need to urinate.

7. Kidney disease: Diseases that cause kidney decline may affect the kidneys’ ability to concentrate urine, increasing the amount of urine produced.

Causes of Dysuria/Burning Urine on Elders

The causes of dysuria are varied but is usually infectious in origin and depends on the chronic diseases occurring in elderly men and women.

In such cases, apart from urinary tract infection, causes may include:

— Vulvovaginitis.
— Kidney stones: Usually associated with blood in urine.
— Ovarian cyst.
— STDs: Gonorrhoea, Trichomoniasis.
— Side-effect: Use of catheter.
— Irritants: Bath soaps, lubricants, vaginal sprays and douches.

dysuria burning urine ayurvedic home remedies with causes, symptoms, signs, foods, prevention, diet

Symptoms of of Dysuria/Burning Urine

1. Lower urinary tract infection (cystitis) — Frequent urination, an intense urge to urinate, loss of bladder control, pain in the lower front portion of the abdomen (near the bladder), cloudy urine that may have a strong odor, bloody urine.

2. Upper urinary tract infection (pyelonephritis) — Pain in the upper back, high fever with shaking chills, nausea and vomiting, cloudy urine, frequent urination, an intense urge to urinate

3. Urethritis — A discharge from the urethra, redness around the opening of the urethra, frequent urination, vaginal discharge. Partners of people with urethritis that comes from a sexually transmitted disease often will not have any symptoms.

4. Vaginitis — Pain, soreness or itching in the vagina, an abnormal or foul-smelling vaginal discharge or odor, pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Dysuria/Burning Sensation: Foods to Avoid

Ayurvedic Natural Home Remedies on Painful Urination

1. Drinking lots of water especially hot water is the best remedy to throw out the infectious material and heat from the body and in curing Dysuria.

2. Drinking Tender coconut water mixed with Jaggery (Gur) and half spoon of Coriander (Dhania) powder helps in curing Dysuria.

3. Drinking Cucumber (Kheera) juice twice a day helps to stop burning and pain during urination and cures Dysuria.

4. Mix a spoon of Coriander (Dhania) powder in water in the night. Filter it in the morning and add Sugar candy (Mishri) to this decoction. Drinking this helps in curing burning urine or Dysuria.

how to dysuria burning urine treatment

5. Drinking a spoon of Radish (Muli) juice in the morning also helps in curing Dysuria .

6. Cardamom (Elaichi) powder taken with Milk helps to cure Dysuria.

7. Drinking Aloe Vera (Gwar patha) juice is a very good remedy to cure Dysuria.

8. Around 10 gram of old Tamarind (Imli) pulp mixed with Tender coconut water or Tamarind pulp mixed with water can be taken to cure Dysuria.

9. Drinking Carrot juice every day helps to cure burning urine problem or Dysuria.

10. Dry Ginger (Saunth) Powder and Sugar candy (Mishri) mixed with Milk taken twice a day also helps to cure Dysuria.

11. Taking Drumstick leaves (Muranka Bhaji) grinded and mixed with Jaggery also helps to cure Dysuria.

12. Drinking Honey with water every 2 hrs will cure Dysuria.

13. Luke warm water mixed with Lemon juice taken also helps to cure Dysuria.

14. Four spoons of Gooseberry (Amla) juice mixed with a spoon of Sugar candy (Mishri) powder taken twice a day helps to cure Dysuria.

how to cure burning urine problem or Dysuria home remedies

15. Dip few Raisins (Kishmish), Gooseberry (Amla) powder, Sugar candy (Mishri) in the night and drinking this water in the morning is a best remedy to cure Dysuria.

16. Cardamom (Elaichi) powder, Roasted Cumin (Jeera) powder and Sugar mixed in pure Butter can be taken twice a day helps to cure Dysuria.

17. Taking a spoon of Durva (Dub, a grass used to worship Lord Ganesha) juice with a glass of fresh Milk also helps in curing Dysuria.

18. Drinking Water melon or Bael juice helps in reducing burning sensation and cures Dysuria.

19. Putting a Wet cloth on the naval reduces stomach heat and gives relief from burning during urination.

20. Ridge gourd (Touri) taken in any form is effective in reducing burning and curing Dysuria.

21. Jo (Barley) boiled in water and cooled and consumed makes cooling effect on the body and reduces burning and Dysuria.

Diagnosis for Dysuria and Painful Urine

Drink lot of water, Take healthy food, Avoid smoking/Alcohol – Some problems may require the attention of a urologist, a doctor who specializes in treating problems of the urinary system – If your doctor thinks you have a simple bladder infection, he or she usually can confirm this with a urine test in the doctor’s office – To diagnose urethritis and vaginitis, a swab of the infected area may need to be taken and sent for testing.

Diet for Dysuria or Burning Urine

dysuria burning urine diet foods

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