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Boils Care and Tips

Most of the boils are infections caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aurous. These bacteria can be present on the skin due to low hygiene standards or in the nose chamber. As long as they are outside the body, they do not cause any harm. However, if they get a chance no penetrate into the skin, they cause an infection in the hair follicle.

Sometimes foreign objects such as minute wood particles, splinters etc enter through the skin. These objects can be contaminated. The material present in the body which is not linked with the blood supply tends to turn infectious.

In case of acne, the skin pores tend to choke up due to excessive sebum production in the skin. The dead skin which does not get shed evenly also chokes up the skin pores. This clogging also leads to an infection.

Some of the boils such as the furuncles are mild usually but some others like carbuncles are deep-seated ones.

In both the cases, the infection starts beneath the skin two weeks prior to the emergence of the boil on the skin surface.

The body is well equipped with a defense system to kill these bacteria and suppress the infection. When it swings into action, white blood cells are dispatched to the infected region. Their presence in the infected region changes the appearance of the boil. The whitish pus which gets formed in the boil contains these white blood cells along with the dead skin tissues.

The boils symptoms appear much before the boil forms pus and a head or pustule.

The boils symptoms in cases where the infection is mild are as follows:

  1. The skin turns red and itchy
  2. There is a swelling and pain in the infected region
  3. A nodule appears on the skin
  4. The nodule gradually increases in size.
  5. A pustule or a head appears at the tip of the nodule.

In case of such mild boils, heat treatment can be helpful in alleviating the problem.

The boils symptoms where there is a severe infection are as follows:

  • A chilling fever occurs from time to time.
  • The lymph nodes swell up.
  • Red lines emerge from the boil in all directions.
  • Appearance of other boils near the original one.
  • The boil becomes too large to be handled without medical supervision.
  • The boils appear along with diabetes problem
  • Some medication which trigger boils such as antibiotics and cortisone medicines are being taken.

If such symptoms appear, then it becomes imperative for the patient to consult a doctor. These symptoms are signals of some other underlying disease. The medical treatment includes an examination and a bacterial culture. This helps in understanding the nature and reason of the boils. Antibiotic ointments and pills are used to curb the infection from spreading to other areas. If the boils are found to be caused by MRSA, then the treatment includes certain other antibiotics which the bacteria have not developed resistance to.

Since this bacterial infection is of a contagious nature, it has to be found out whether it is being spread within a family. A test can make it clear that which particular person has bacterial colonization in the nasal chamber.

The furuncles infect a single hair follicle but the carbuncles are a cluster of furuncles on the same spot of the skin. Thus, they are characterized by a number of openings or pus outlets.

The boils need to be handled with care. If they are meddled with, they may cause pits and scars in the skin. If they spread too other regions due to mishandling such as the bloodstream and the internal organs, they can lead to septicemia and other complications.

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