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Boils or skin abscess are skin infections which are the outcome of the defense mechanism of the body to fight an infection. When the skin gets infected by bacteria, the white blood cells are sent to that region to kill the bacteria. The pus which forms in the boils consists of the bacteria, white blood cells and the dead tissues.

The main causes of boils are:

  • The bacteria named Staphylococcus aurous which infects the skin in most cases and causes boils.
  • Certain other types of bacteria and fungi may also cause boils Ailments which weaken the body’s immune system may also cause boils as the body has difficulty in getting rid of the infection.
  • People suffering from diabetes are prone to bacterial infections such as staph and some fungal infections. These infections lead to eruption of boils.
  • Deficiency of minerals due to an improper diet also leads to eruption of boils on the skin.
  • Some medicines like corticosteroids are also responsible for the weakening of the immunity, thereby causing boils. Apart from the internal reasons, boils also develop due to constant friction on the skin which leads to a rash.
  • The rash may rupture the skin thereby letting the bacteria from the skin’s surface to enter the skin and infect it. Some foreign objects enter the skin and cause boils too.

Boils include furuncles, carbuncles, cystic acnes etc. which can either be mild or severe.

How to Cure Your Painful Boils

The best treatment for boils is as follows:

1 Heat compress or pads soaked in hot water are used to cure boils. Applying them several times in a day helps in the ripening of the boil.

2 If the boil is large and painful, then it has to be lanced or drained by a doctor. The area around the boil is numbed initially. Then an incision is made on the skin and the pus removed.

3 Antibiotics need to be taken in conjunction with the lancing because it is an effective remedy to curb the infection and thus, prevent it from spreading to the nearby areas.

4 The best treatment for boils also includes some natural and home remedies. Placing tomato slices over the boils helps in getting rid of them as the citric juice present in the tomatoes is helpful as a cure.

5 Tea bags which have been soaked in warm water are placed over the boils for a quick recovery.

6 A paste made from cumin seeds mixed and water is applied on the boils. It kills the bacteria and drains the pus quickly.

7 Turmeric is an age old and effective cure for boils and is considered as one of the best treatment for boils. It hasantiseptic properties and helps in quick ripening of the boil too.

8 If the boils are blood filled ones, the juice of bitter gourd is an ideal cure for them. A mixture of bitter gourd juice with a little lime juice is consumed on an empty stomach for a few days for quick recovery.

9 Betel leaf is warmed slightly and coated with castor oil. It is used to cover the boil. This process hastens the ripening of the boil, hence the recovery.

10 Margosa leaf poultice or decoction made by boiling it in water is a good remedy for boils.

11 Epsom salt is mixed in the bath tub for a hot bath. This treatment when repeated a few time a week, helps in curing boils.

12 Hygiene plays an important role in treating as well as preventing them. Use of anti- bacterial soaps, creams etc help in keeping the bacteria in control.

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Some Do-It-Yourself guides may cure overnight, others in two weeks, however following the tips shared below show noticeable benefits after 4 to 6 weeks.

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