1. n2yoga3 says:

    Hi Sadie,

    Is there a modification for those who have difficulties doing waterfall warrior for back weaknesses and chaturranga dandasana for wrist contraindications. Thanks!

  2. greendaygirl7777 says:

    i realllly wanna do thisssss stuff but im on the floor and it hurts my neck so bad having to keep looking up and down up and down 🙁

  3. recbo says:

    Very nice forms and movement to do and well done video.

  4. HaiCourtney says:

    Wow, the first time i did this i could REALLY feel it :p i guess im a little out of shape. im going to make this a daily routien 🙂 thanks a lot!

  5. Shandalera1 says:

    Hey Sadie you must really like yoga!!! cause ur very good and it also helps you strenthen your core im only 10 but i go with my mom to yoga doing the exact same things you do lol good luck with ur beautiful and healthy body best of wishes write back -Jessica


    does this help for post pregos? you know to get the tummy firm? i have tto louse 29 lb to be at my weight limit and my doc actually told me to eat 1s a day and drink cold water the reat instead of eating.

  7. MsTexascutie says:

    I did the first video and I started to get dizzy after this video so I stopped.. I don’t think I’m breathing right or something. lol Because I had to lay down for a few , I felt like I was going to pass out.
    a little discouraging

  8. od1979bum says:

    Hi tnx for your yoga. Can I do it after meal ? it is a bit difficult.or before meal is better?

  9. sadienardini says:

    Hi there,

    Always do yoga on an empty stomach, or about an hour or more after you’ve eaten (lightly) or you can get nauseous. xoSadie

  10. sadienardini says:

    Hi–this isn’t normal, to feel like that during yoga. Either you had low blood sugar, and needed a piece of fruit or something a little before practice, or you maybe hunched your shoulders to your ears with the hands clasped, cutting off your neck circulation. Or, yes, maybe you weren’t doing the slow, deep breaths through the nose that yoga needs. Go slow, watch that your breath stays long and your shoulders released…and see how it goes!
    Namaste, Sadie

  11. sadienardini says:

    Your doctor is TOTALLY wrong, and I don’t know who in hell would tell you to do that. It’s widely known that the metabolism needs to stay fired up to lose weight. If you eat 4-5 smaller meals through the day, you will feel and lose actual fat, instead of the muscle and water loss that will come from a starvation diet. DON’T DO IT! Read “The 5 Factor Diet” by Harvey Pasternak for some sane advice. And do yoga–moving strongly will do more than not eating ever will. Be fit and free! xoSadie

  12. sadienardini says:

    I LOVE yoga…and it’s really hard sometimes too. But, it makes me feel more like myself, and so I go, even if sometimes I don’t want to! It’s wonderful that you’re starting early–you’ll have a lifetime of health ahead of you. Rock on!! xoSadie

  13. sadienardini says:

    That’s awesome. Let me know how it goes! Sadie

  14. sadienardini says:

    Thanks! Glad you like it!! Sadie

  15. sadienardini says:

    Can you put your computer on the floor…or draw the moves out in stick figures on paper and have it down by you? You’ll learn it, and then you can just listen to my voice and not look up anymore. Good luck! S

  16. sadienardini says:

    Hi there,

    YOu can just do Waterfall Warrior hhigher–always do a seed of the movement even if you can’t go down so low. Try Plank Pose to a knee-down chaturanga and only lower down 2 inches. Or, if you have wrist pain. Move just towards plank a little from down dog until you meet your edge, and play it to stretch your wrists out over time. Slow and steady does it! xoSadie

  17. sadienardini says:

    Hi Eddie,

    I think you’ll never let me know, because YOU are the only one who can change your life! It’s the true secret of yoga.

  18. sadienardini says:

    Try my video Yoga for Overweight Yogis! That’s how;))


  19. memo15memo says:

    hey sadienardini rly thanks for these video but i have a Q , i woke up have my orange jucie then start playing yoga and i feel the energy goin up , any way smtimes i woke up and little dezzy so i have my breakfast and not playing yoga that day at all, so would you tell me when is the best time to play yoga and if i eaten how long i should wait till i play??

  20. iCoexist says:

    Hi Sadie!
    I’m 15 and i’m on the thicker side. I’m a beginner yogis and i’m trying to do this work out but i can’t. i’m noticing how long yer extremities are and mine are about 1/2 that length. Any suggestions?

  21. sanguebom987 says:

    Very Inspiring!!!!!

  22. flora257 says:

    Hey Sadie, i did the whole four parts and i am planning to be doing them evry morning before going to school, though this means ill have to wake up earlier and it is sooo hard!! but thank u so muchh!!!

  23. imntafckingsaint says:

    i’ve got a question. i really wanna lose weight with this exercise but i feel like it really build up my deltoid which is pretty muscular to begin with and i don’t wanna bulk up. what do you think i should do?

  24. Rieyuu says:

    Wow thanks for the vids, Sadie! After the first 2 vids, I’m already sweating more than my usual cardio workout!

  25. cleanseraw says:

    hmm Comments? BRAVO!!! Great Narration in line with details.
    I am a soccer player, runner, swimmer & biker; however I have been able to tone & focus better following your 4 videos despite my previous experience w/ Yoga.
    I like the way you teach. It helps me to be self sufficient. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH SADIE NARDINI 🙂
    With your help, I have been able 2 feel better & help hundreds of people & thousands hopefully millions 2 come!

    Anthony P. Hafciojoni
    Rejuvelight, inc.
    Founder & CEO

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