Shilpa Shetty – Pranayam Breathing (Shilpa's Yoga)

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  1. Death Knight says:

    When does someone need a breathing tube in their nose?

    When does someone need a breathing tube going through their mouth?

    When does someone need a tracheal breathing tube?

  2. ShaktipatSage says:

    Pranayam means Inhaling Light Energy, Prana is a type of Energy which you can feel entering your body and filling your Magnetic Field with additional Energy pulled directly from the element of Air.

    Dont’ knock it if you don’t know what it’s about

  3. KilluminatiMujahad says:

    This Indian girl is gorgeous but I agree with the guy below that says Just Jog or something wtf is this supposed to be?Some sort of weight loss program lol But WOW she looks amazing!!

  4. titoferni29 says:

    That was awesome!Thanks! She is beautiful, I think it has something to do with what is inside must come out!

  5. titoferni29 says:


  6. m7reyoo says:

    she is fucking ugly man!!!! you guys dont know the real butiy

  7. ahmedsabeehsyed says:

    may be thats because you are interested in men ?

  8. m7reyoo says:

    fuck you…. don’t turn this around she is an ugly bitch and you know that so don’t try to do anything funny you shit bug!!!!!!!fucking ass whole

  9. neilzep says:

    hot chick

  10. neilzep says:

    you might be gay,its genetic WHITE boy.

  11. m7reyoo says:

    fuck you aNd your indian bitch ….and if you want a genetic dick i got one for ya right here…… you dumb ass……..and this bitch of yours she looks just like your mothers ass hahahah dick head!!!

  12. nishindra828 says:

    Hi there recently i experience breathing problems and also swallowing problems am somebody who believes in natural treatments!Is there anything you would advise to do regarding those 2 matters,Thank you!God bless!

  13. kuthikanjari says:

    obviously you could all do with some of this in your lives

  14. deercross9249 says:

    I am suffering from leg & knee pain,stiffness..sometimes…i see penny size red circles on my knee.
    can these exercises help me???
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  15. 7reshmi says:

    first go to a proper expert in yoga becoz they will understand ur body type and recommend the yoga suited for you. then attempt definitely yoga really helps it really helped for me to get rid of spondylitis and to get a body shape so my recommendation is go for it with a proper guide

  16. 7reshmi says:

    yoga is really good for improving flexibility of the body and thus getg rid of the muscle problems it really helped me to get rid of spondylitis .
    everybodys body type is different and ayoga practioner will tell u yogasansa that suits your body type.
    one thing is for sure u will get rid of the problem if you do yoga so ucan try anyone of these and its best that u consult a yoga expert

  17. 7reshmi says:

    yes yoga does help to get rid of the problem i had spondylitis two years back and got rid of it with yoga . yoga helps to improve ur bodys flexibility my advice is go to a yoga expert who will tell u exactly what kind of yoga suits ur body type

    everybody’s body type is different so its wise to select what is best for you
    yes u can do those simple ones that she is doing to improve the body posture
    yoga tremendously changed me i will recommend to everyone

  18. deercross9249 says:

    Thanks for your suggestions.I truly appreciate it.

    Just finished my workout…feels gr8

    about yoga instructor…i can’t any nearby…but, my doctor suggested to do any sort of excersice without starining much.
    I hope this will help me.
    God bless you

  19. amitsri999 says:


  20. ShantiiPriya says:

    she’s really really sweet

  21. cspace1234nz says:

    This is nonsense, she doesn’t know what she is doing, probably only “playing the model”.

    That kapalabati is completely wrong, she is not using mulabandha for a start but then the simple basic action of the breath itself is being activated from the wrong part of the abdomen.

  22. thandolakhe says:

    I think she was in celebrity big brother or something

  23. WaterUniverse says:

    I love her.

  24. NFah43Bk says:

    you are right

  25. cspace1234nz says:

    Oh well, I suppose it doesn’t really matter, people probably won’t actually practice this anyway.

    A bit irresponsible to teach this sort of thing in this way though I think.

  26. LEILA5983 says:

    I love it..

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