Russell Simmons on his vegan diet, Obama and yoga

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  1. IampureSol says:

    You can have pizza too if you are a Vegan. Daiya Cheese is amazing and they are making pizzas and everything you could imagine. Dairy is liquid meat….. Poison. Loaded with antibiotics, hormones, and so much more. Too much protein is bad for you. It clings onto your calcium in your bones in order to be digested. Most people are lactose intolerant. Just so many reasons to be a vegan : )

  2. thegame245 says:

    dont spread your propaganda on the american diet okay….

  3. TheVeganHere says:

    @thegame245 It’s not propaganda.

  4. TheVeganHere says:

    @IampureSol I love Gaiya cheese. I can’t tell you how many pizzas I have eaten with that cheese.

  5. choicesdefineus says:

    dont supress people and try to narrow their options?

  6. veganbonnie says:

    Russell Simmons for President. Thank you Russell for being so bravely outspoken on veganism.

  7. thegame245 says:

    what do you mean be more specific chump

  8. thegame245 says:

    oh really than what do you call it?

  9. TheVeganHere says:

    @thegame245 I call it information. If you want you can utilize that information or you can ignore it. The choice is yours.

  10. thegame245 says:

    your absolutley right give me 5 good reasons why i should go vegan and maybe ill make that decision?

  11. TheVeganHere says:

    @thegame245 Well there are many good reasons to go vegan but for me there was only one reason.. I went vegan over 21 years ago because I never understood why it was OK to kill a living being. I just out of the blue, one day in my kitchen while making a sandwich decided to go veg. I just thought it was the ethical thing to do. Honestly I felt like I had no choice. What gives us the right to use, abuse and kill, I thought to myself. I’ve been vegan ever since. Although I’ll post more reasons..

  12. TheVeganHere says:

    Here are four reasons for now
    1)Ethical:Killing is wrong when completely unnecessary.
    2)The environment:Animal agriculture is inefficient and pollutes the environment.
    3)Health:There are numerous studies that show a vegan diet is healthier than a omnivorous diet. There are way less incidents of heart disease. There is increased longevity.
    4) World hunger:If all the grain and land that is used for raising cattle was used for growing food there would be enough food to feed the world.

  13. thegame245 says:

    you make very good points… but i gotta admit to you eating me some buffalo wings from wingstop and hambergurs from fast food places really hit my taste buds… Im trying to cut back my meat intake to only 2 or 3 times a week but i will never be full vegan… whats the difference between being vegan and following a vegan diet? also how do you feel after all these years of being a vegan health wise. But yeah man im trying to eat healthier and incorporate alot of more healthy things into my diet

  14. choicesdefineus says:

    those are GREAT reasons

  15. choicesdefineus says:

    sadly i am also celiac so no wheat for me

  16. choicesdefineus says:

    you said dont spread propaganda about the american diet, so i told you to stop supressing peoples choices 😀

  17. xenoc says:

    it’s time for a change )

  18. HumaneCelebrities says:

    Russell Simmons needs to get more of the hip hop community to get into veganism….

  19. msbetterme says:

    @HumaneCelebrities I feel the same way!

  20. TheVeganHere says:

    I am gluten intolerant so no wheat for me either. I make pizza with a rice crust.

  21. choicesdefineus says:

    no way, you cant NOT eat meat and be vegan, thats just stuuuuuupid *sarcasim deeply intended* lol. I use to get that from alot of people when i started being a vegan after a year of knowing i was gluten intolreant

  22. TheVeganHere says:

    @choicesdefineus I have been vegan for over 21 years. About 18 months ago I confirmed I was both gluten intolerant and soy intolerant so I am now a soy/gluten free vegan.

  23. choicesdefineus says:

    SOY 😐 !?? Man how i would miss tempeh and tofu. I am sure you do just fine without, i try to keep soy to a min. for sure…. just once a day hahaha. Its good to be health concious. When i was diagnoised almost 3 years ago with celiacs i was eating horribly.. now that im SO aware of how it affects me im always trying to update my diet. NExt move is to remove sugar.

  24. emzzdad says:

    Yo russell hip hop is a cult not a culture you ignoramus…Emzdad

  25. purplelilstar says:

    hip hop culture rules!!
    I Like …big butts …and I can not lie !!

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