Hatha Yoga Flow 2 with Diane – Full 55 minute class

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  1. Disrae says:

    If anyone has taken college classes during the summer, how did it work? Did you take two 3 hour classes a day, one 4 hour class for the whole summer? I really have no idea, but I’m thinking about taking summer classes this year. My school says they have 5 week and 10 week courses if this helps. Thanks!

  2. Erfan says:

    Okay, I am planning on applying for grad school, but one of the pre-reqs is a 600 level class. However, aren’t 600 level classes all graduate courses? If so, how are you supposed to complete a pre-req that is already a graduate class?

  3. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    How long does the personal and family finance class take to finish on FlVS?
    I am already going to be taking challenging classes in school and I have to take an online class. So I was wondering how long does the personal and family finance class take to finish as in weeks? Also how is the class, what do u do for the work part? I’m hoping someone who already took it can help me. Same with leadership skills and development class. Do u write essays? How long also? Please HELP!!!!!!

  4. Lynsey says:

    It’s really great that pepole are sharing this information.

  5. UhOhStrawberryCake says:

    I love your Yoga video. It’s very easy to do and it’s very relaxing! It really helps with my stress a lot. Thanks for uploading so I can do this on a regular basis!

  6. communitychannel20 says:

    this was alsome after it i felt so calm and relexed and beautiful

  7. todorvangelov says:

    me gusta …una clase muy bonita

  8. misterzafaralam says:

    Ready Farah

  9. clarinetplayer4ever says:

    will this help gain strength?

  10. akushnir1 says:

    look for power yoga for strenght

  11. shannon4114 says:

    i feel so relaxed

  12. Lisatfitness says:

    Loved your voice, very soothing. Great practice. I’m personally not a yogi, but that was great.

  13. hmbeecher says:

    nice.learning about this. was relaxed

  14. iamnottheuser says:

    i feel so beautiful. i’ve been very stressed these days – and that really made me feel even worse. After watching and following your instruction yesterday and today, i feel very, very good and hopeful, i thank you so much with all my heart.

  15. Fopelitty says:

    i feel nervous because it’s long and i can’t close my eyes i don’t understand what you say i need to do and i must watch you and that’s why i’m just going to stop this and do other.

  16. webstud30 says:

    she is awesome !!! is she in Berlin? coz i would love to take her class

  17. AMP1217 says:

    Thank you so much for providing these videos! I can’t afford classes and full-length videos by you are a lifesaver! This one is already so helpful… I’m looking forward to testing out all the rest. Thanks again.. so much!!

  18. QuickGuySlowLife says:

    what is this yoga for? I’ve been trying all types, (including this one) on youtube, and this one was the worst. my knees hurt, my ankles hurt, my shoulders hurt. terrible. Every other one i felt a burn, or i felt lots of energy afterwards, or just better mentally overall.. this one, however, was boring, not relaxing, and physically stressful.. am i missing something?

  19. GSJG76 says:

    This video was very helpful. Easy to do as well. Very effective. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Canamjay says:

    This is just a wonderful perfect length class for those of us who have taken a few years of yoga practice and need an at home practice.. just what we were seeking.. thanks for such a loving gift… namaste… Jay n Ileana

  21. suluckfai says:

    in general this is quite ok, but the narration is a quite confusing for the vid, e.g she talks too much where it’s not necessary. The voice is soothing but the flow is just so disruptive.

  22. TribecaDiva says:

    From Germany, many thanks.

  23. AntW11 says:

    What tradition of Hatha Yoga is this? Kripalu? Sivananda? Satyananda/Bihar? Integral?

  24. NothingCant says:

    Both of the videos that I have found of yours are incredibly helpful and healthful. Soothing relaxing and beautiful. Thank you.

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