25 Responses to HAPPY FOR NO REASON – YOGA !!

  1. magosa08 says:

    i like it,Esther is super

  2. rrecroc says:

    What if you are genetically (naturally ) just inflexible ???

  3. StevenJamesJ says:

    It’s awesome, can hear the occasional unfiltered Irish word 😀

  4. Tenorsarefun says:

    she’s hott! and so is her accent.

  5. nikolica87bg says:


  6. MIAGIQ says:

    All your videos are fantastic, and your voice is so relaxing, make everything more easy.

    keep the great job, and have a nice day!

  7. nanquan491 says:

    great legs!

  8. RATING567 says:

    i like your videos,awesome,great,

  9. titoferni29 says:

    It’s true shes amazing, whenever I am looking for a yoga video that will benefit my whole body, her voice and exercises really help my body finer tune itself. I LOVE IT! THANKS!

  10. RadioTrunews says:

    So is it true, you pay money then to be in featured videos section, cause no offense and here is that other one yet again:

    Self Tanner Update: St Moriz

    How come I never see issues like swine flu, vaccines, so on, that can at best affect your health and at worse kill you, yet, all I ever see in three weeks on here is the same entertainment like stuff in the featured videos section bottom right.
    It’s like, hey I might die from swine flu, but least I’ll look good.

  11. TheHelen61 says:

    Well done Esther, you know your stuff!

  12. alasrati says:


  13. StevenJamesJ says:


  14. krystianovic says:

    Belgian, actually.

  15. Philip0209 says:

    I watched 1st first minute and already felt much better.. lol

    I suddenly feel a need to do yoga.

  16. rafsanbueno says:

    thanks, excelent video

  17. BarbaraBlu says:

    Thank you so much Esther, those exercices make me feel really better, I’ve started 1 years ago doing them and I can really confirm they are great !!!

  18. christvswarhol says:

    I am definately looking forward to a dvd…..

  19. RockandRoller918 says:

    Great video esther.Thanks

  20. dima9944 says:

    She Dutch, moved to Ireland. Unique accent.

  21. jianow says:

    wow her body looks so great..
    very very inspiring

  22. shahbaztherock says:

    is this iyengar yoga?

  23. StrammerBursche says:


  24. TCLIUA says:


  25. taylornorman says:

    @shahbaztherock its more hatha i would say but the 2 are very similar

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