Graham Norton meets Yoga Teacher Emily Collins, funny comedy

26 Responses to Graham Norton meets Yoga Teacher Emily Collins, funny comedy

  1. simply complicated says:

    Im writing an essay ‘How does Jane Austen present Mr Collins as a figure of ridicule and loathing’ and i completly stuck ad need help plz 🙂 if you can think of anything else plz say

  2. GreyEyesCrying says:

    thats what i was thinking…when?

    and OMG she just leaves those poor women in that pose!!!

  3. TipTopDreamer says:

    i didn’t…!

  4. Nesquik211 says:

    i think channel 106 on friday nights round 9, 10

  5. PeTerxZmiTTenx2008 says:

    that was so funny at the end u could guess that was coming lol

  6. jem4john says:

    lmao omg i love graham norton i think he is so funny and i think he is really enjoying that with jason lol

  7. KripSoid says:

    oh,i’ve cum!thank u!!)))))))))

  8. Sagittarius93x says:

    me too!!

  9. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    Love Greaham 😀

  10. treklemmer says:

    “I’m not a play thing” Hahaha xD awesome!

  11. neveralmostthere says:

    it comes on logo a lot- like really late at night

  12. Smallvillefan67 says:

    who was that with Graham? Jason something?

  13. XMXJBXTX says:

    Jason Donovan 🙂

  14. tunenitalinda says:

    if you dont copy and paste this? to 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

  15. UnoSemper says:

    lol Mulubunda…aka petrol

  16. No1Gezz says:

    think jason donovan was enjoying himself then haha

  17. elanor12 says:

    LOL. I love Graham. This is hilarious.

    Poor girl in red hihihi

  18. cuddleupwithfriends says:

    I know, bless her, just really stole focus, for the wrong reasons lol

  19. Pwnz0rz12222 says:

    I remember her saying… Slow breaths? 😛

  20. theshow2k8 says:

    ”i may never cum again” lol

  21. NotaFro says:

    Love Graham Norton!

  22. thedancetuber says:


  23. 1RomanticSoul says:

    Thank you the Special 3 (BDM).
    I’m always ready for a good laugh and Graham is funnnnnnie always.
    Hugs, Robby *****Stars.

  24. ProudToBeTamil says:

    I lov graham’s facial expressions!!!!!

  25. kafi122 says:

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  26. MadMatt798 says:

    Way on earth is them anal things she was goin on about was she just lookin for a laugh

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