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  1. Jeracoo L says:

    I am interested in personal stories of success involving Bikram Yoga and how it has improved you life.
    Bikram Yoga is also called Hot Yoga.

  2. Homeostasis101 says:

    Maybe his aggressiveness is part of his brand; just as avoiding overt references to spirituality. Bikram yoga is amazing. It was a stroke of brilliance to choose those poses and breathing exercises in that order, so the rapidly practice heals so many different body types and illnesses. Copy right protects the quality of Bikram classes. Many “certified” yoga teachers know too little about yoga and people get hurt. I would love to teach Bikram, but the certification is much more than the $5000.

  3. adaku29 says:

    For as much as someone could interpret his aggressiveness as offputting, I’m siding with Bikram on this one. America is a rough country, especially for a foreigner, and if he didn’t copyright it, you bet someone else would anyhoo. I do Bikram yoga regularly, and honestly, someone could get hurt, and perhaps sue Bikram, if they are not properly trained. I think he is in the right to make sure people teaching his sequence are certified to do so. And the sequence works for me, I can’t complain.

  4. nerosaxus says:

    His ways of Yoga are strange, torturous & at huge variance with what we have always known – the real thing – as Yoga in India, the land where Yoga truly belongs. Am not sure if this is even Hath Yoga. Room temperatures at 105 degrees fahrenheit with 40 per cent humidity? None of the ancient Hindu scriptures which is where Yoga was first theorised have mentioned anything like THIS. If the whole lot of Americans are finding this man HOT, they also ought to know this is not really Yoga.

  5. nerosaxus says:

    Neither ‘Patanjali Yog Pradipt’ nor ‘Hath Yog Pradipika’, the two Sanskrit books known to be the most authentic treatises on Yoga (available in English) mention anything like that. This then really is his own brand of Hath Yog.
    Patanjali was the sage who wrote down the sutras or rules of Yog thousands of years ago. Hath Yog is a cruder form and needs lot more effort & hard work, unlike Bhakti yog, which is more meditative & respects body & its powers of Pranic healing.

  6. nerosaxus says:

    His type of exercies (as against Yog) are a torture, more like the kind of training one gets for masrshal arts. Looks similar to how a classic master would treat a duffer! His 26 copyrighted postures are just that – postures. I won’t call them ‘Asanas’ (postures) of Yog. These are his own permutation and combination. That it may have worked because he must be a somewhat knowledgable person too, I am not denying.

  7. meloearth says:

    He comes across as a business man which, I’m sure, he has to be, since Bikram has become so big. As an artist I do admire his passion and drive to protect his creation. And I appreciate anyone with such confidence.

  8. meloearth says:

    I’m glad you said that b/c the interview makes it seem like he’s misappropriating of traditional Yoga, and calling it Bikram due to the addition of the heat factor. I have no problem that this may not be traditional yoga. It’s still a variation of it, and it works, and it works fast.
    Try it?

  9. nerosaxus says:

    i have no problem with anything as long as long as he doesn’t call it yoga, bikram or any other. because this is anything but yoga.

  10. meloearth says:

    I’m no expert, but I must disagree with you. And apparently he can call it yoga. Maybe you can call it yoga-based and be happy? I just got back from my 3rd class. Haven’t felt like this in, like, forever! I think I’ll call it “incredible” and “life-changing”. 😉

  11. cas45cas45 says:

    yes it works but to be honest its not so much the postures its the heat that works,the poses are nothing special although im not knocking them id get just as much out of another class with different postures as long as there was the same level as heat.

  12. cas45cas45 says:

    whilst i agree bikhram is brilliant,its the heated yoga thats brilliant and the v.highly trained instructors,im pretty confident that another company could use the same heat and professionalism but different poses and it would be just as good,i also think he knows this.

  13. witt19800 says:

    He seems like a sleazy snake oil salesman, and it looks like his yoga practice has done nothing to tame his tyrannical ego.

  14. ravenselene says:

    Seems like an asshole, I’ll stick with with vinyasa.

  15. amyenass says:

    disappointed in his character.

  16. ravishethwala says:

    He may be successful… but I could never agree taking patent of YOG…Please atop saying “YOGA”…

  17. sfsoundhound says:

    um i say good for him. he is a good business man, I just did my 2nd bikram class and have no problem giving this man my hard earned money. Three cheers for bikram.

  18. Maksima says:

    I absolutely agree with him!!If your not train you dont know how to properly teach his style of yoga. If you want to teach it call it something else…”hot yoga”

  19. itsnyc says:

    regarding the comments about Bikram’s personality or ego, who cares? The proof is in the pudding! It’s about the yoga course and how to do it and teach it.

    Good bit. Thanks,emmalabil, for posting that. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.

  20. Doctorkardos says:

    asshole indeed, I”ll stick with BKS IYENGAR, a TRUE GURUJI!!

  21. howdywest says:

    by the way money has nothing to do with peace of mind…

    if you want to live peacefully live life simple…but for americans this is too far out of reach……..

    life with out car, drive through, washing machines etc…….. and also dildos…….

  22. DTTTON says:

    first rate snake-oil salesman

  23. javonJennings says:

    I’ve lost 20 pounds so far, gained muscle, healed back pains, and relieved stress in the past 3 months doing this yoga. He deserves this copyright . I may become a teacher if I can own a studio. I’m working on that . To all those that have a problem with Bikram. How do you feel about copyrights in general? I would rather see the person who invented the series have the copyright then some other asshole who stole it .

  24. kreemy21 says:

    Bikram is a fuckin thief

  25. irishmeadow2 says:

    if someone can copyright a recipe than he should be able to copyright this! it is the same thing! and it is a good point that if the instructors are not properly trained by him, and someone gets hurt, then it would be a huge ordeal!

  26. irishmeadow2 says:

    if he has the copyright and someone gets hurt, it falls back on him. when i went to my first class i had to sign a waiver saying i would be responsible for my own body since i am the only one who knows how i am feeling. if you feel dizzy, sit down or leave! and it is real yoga! the guy grew up in india and learned from experienced can that not be real yoga? i am reading his book now…maybe you should too!

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