Baba Ramdev – Yoga for Meditation (Dhyan Yog)

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25 Responses to Baba Ramdev – Yoga for Meditation (Dhyan Yog)

  1. andyichiban says:

    OMG this man is beautiful………

  2. Dukeofash says:

    Yoga is meant for all, not for a specific religion.
    Yoga is energetic, charismatic, powerful, and divine.

    Swami Ramdev indeed deserve such an appreciation award…

    JAI HO!


  3. heybittu says:


  4. windwalkerful says:

    fantastic… beautifull .. speechless… he s great person.. proud to be an indian…. jai hind… long live hindutva…

  5. ashish40022 says:

    Swami Ramdev has revolutionized the yoga practice amongst the public and has spread vast amount of awareness in people regarding good health and food habits. He is a blessing for the world, a godly presence on the earth.

    May India be always blessed with such great persons.

  6. sujyouk says:

    He has done a great job

  7. enggind says:

    Yoga is a No Cost all benefit thing…

  8. vicksum25 says:

    I found the entire Bhagavad Gita in you tube only… its great book !!

  9. vicksum25 says:

    Thank u so much Baba Ramdev!!
    Thanks rajshri for uploading this ..u have done a noble job !!

  10. adityamurray says:

    Yoga is by far the best thing that has happened to me
    I can stay awake two days in a row without even blinking an eye.
    Swami Ramdev is the best person for the upliftment of rural India.
    He has made university life a lot less stressful for me.
    I am proud to be an Indian

  11. LALU505 says:


    JAI HO

  12. mind009 says:

    yoga is good………no doubt, but please do no put a religious trademark on it. Anyone can do it and be healthy. just like any one can take pleasure from kamasutra. Just…………trying to quote an example as both these things are indian by origin. pls…………. do not take the wrong meaning. “JAI HO”

  13. phpgods says:

    Well, Swami Ramdev Ji is merely God,
    he is a revolutionist and is totally responsible for bringing such change in our minds,
    we must regularly follow him with the trust that we all can touch the completeness.
    Thank You Baba I am totally with you…

  14. artist1402 says:

    Eh can you plz give me some more informatoin about this one. I mean i’m a university student but my problem is that i have to sleep atleast 5-6 hours per day (though i can stay awake for atleast one day but then again the next day, i’ll have to compensate for the lost). Is there any specific yoga posture or practice for this one???

  15. bhushan111 says:

    Thanx Rajshri for uploading such great videos. I am from Nepal and request more new videos of Ramadev.

  16. EXChristian0 says:


  17. EXChristian0 says:

    While it’s true that anyone can practice Yoga, the fact remains that YOGA IS A HINDU PRACTICE – YOGA HAS ITS ORIGINS IN HINDUISM – IT IS PART AND PARCEL OF HAINDAVA DHARMA….YOGA MEANS “UNION WITH GOD”…….and yes, kamasutra also has its origins in Hinduism.

  18. tanyapandey says:

    thank u very much..
    i just want to ask is there any yoga asana which improves memory , concentration and helps u sit for long time studies??

  19. ramsrambo says:

    Pranam for your vibrant knowledge that your sharing with others. I was interested to know what after you attain siddhi ?

  20. manish20091 says:

    guys pls dont go behind siddhis, whats more important is god realisation through meditation

  21. angelikvideo says:

    Please upload the English versions of all his teachings.

  22. angelikvideo says:

    Please, update the English version of his teachings… Thank you.

  23. raultv says:

    Oh please translate…

  24. ragshead says:

    i wonder why cant i watch this video? Its stuck on loading google ads.

  25. ShoppingQueen4ever says:

    i love watching his videos eventhough i cant understand some of his hindi words…..he is sucha gr8 inspiration and gives everyone hope which we all need…..I am sick of doctors lying to ppl and telling them they can never be cured and they have to take medicines for ever……this guy is different truly a saint!!!

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