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  1. dieguinacidin says:

    not exactly he meant to breath normaly, have u seen how a baby breath? well thats th thing, the normal breathing is when u breath deeply and full the lungs, your shoulders move just a little bit up, and your stomach grows also a little bit thats what he meant! PEACE OUT, PEACE IN!!!

  2. Xinoutorah says:

    I use download helper with firefox, if the video is in high quality you are able to download the .mp4, I can download the videos and send them to you if needed.

  3. Xinoutorah says:

    Yea, in some types of meditation you breath by counting, like inhale 1, 2, 3..exhale 1, 2, 3. He is saying not to do something like that. Just be aware of your breath, do not try to control it. As you become aware of the breath it will naturally become deeper and more steady. As you calm the mind the breath will follow.

  4. TuneToNote24 says:

    How can i practice Sant Mat when i don’t know where to start?
    Should i need a teacher for it? Or can i just practice it home after i have read some practice method?

    I really want to start meditating…

  5. Xinoutorah says:

    I’d say if you want to start meditating then just do it 🙂 you don’t need a teacher, in my opinion. Though the benefit of having a teacher and going to a meditation class is that you are in an environment with others who are meditating and would making meditation easier. But the best time to start is now.

  6. sarathithu says:

    try in real player download it works in ie……..

  7. swanan76 says:

    Dear all ,
    How can i get the meditation clips with
    full version, If you don’t can i know where to get this full version of video clips ..

  8. 1990ricky1990 says:

    what are the opinions of meditation practitioners on hallucinagens (used correctly, responsibly and in a spiritual context: if that’s possible)

  9. PlayinBanjo says:

    I liked this. does anyone know if/how I can download this as an audio file (mp3)?

  10. sparticool says:


    try using download helper.. install it as a add on in your firefox browser…

  11. XrevengaX says:

    i dont see anything that has much to do with new age, did the description lie to me?

  12. Techlur says:

    Yes you can infact download this as an audio file.

    Simply go onto google, and search:

    Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

    It should most likely be the first result, but just in case pick the website that is dvdvideosoft.

    Download and install the software, then enter the youtube video link, then the software will download the audio from the video.

  13. ahmad123435 says:

    I like meditation and if someone do it for at least 40 days but the important point is that it should be regularly they will find many things such as meaning of knowing him/her self and and then his/her environment and after that the target of this world and during doing they will get more and more cosmic energy which helps you to get more knowledge and finally in the last point even if you are in any believe, you believe that there is someone who is controlling all universe and thats GOD

  14. siran30 says:

    superb explanation…

  15. antifapula says:


  16. teamomivida110 says:

    i was meditating to your vids … and time flew by went throught the first 3 vids!! great

  17. thanga63 says:

    this is so true , thank 4 posting this video

  18. XXmikeypaulXX says:

    hey could u tell me more info about meditation that this video might have left out? thnx in advance

  19. Ljandj99 says:

    this video changed my life years ago, now I still watch it, namaste

  20. Ameen10Dinho says:

    Wow very exciting!! i love meditation. it’s very nice since


    hi iam krishna think u very much

    please can ve have in hindi

  22. traveonkiss says:

    is there really a third eye

  23. thenithinmuktesh says:

    No. It does not exist physically. Its just an outlook towards life. Its seeing world with a different eye. Witnessing the whole world as 1. Witnessing the whole world as GOD. In this universe, there is only one thing that is existent, and that is GOD, about which most of us are ignorant.

  24. antifapula says:

    traveonkiss yes it exists! it is also called astral projection.

  25. manojshetty4 says:

    there is

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