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When I was looking to buy a good sunless tanning, and in particular Idol So, I could not find a decent review that just does not sound like a sales letter, so I decided to make one of my own to help any of you who are in the same situation as me.

I’ll be covering both good and bad points into too much detail so you know exactly what to expect from this product.

Now we’re clear on everything, I will begin.

My expectations were high for this product mainly because the first product I’d bought in the range of Idol was amazing and did exactly what it promised to achieve in the same way they did with the white hero, it seemed that the creators have addressed the concerns and complaints most fake tan products receive.

I expect a sunless tanner to be cheap enough to use all the time, easy to apply, fast drying, keeping the skin in good condition and seemed a natural tan without the orange tint “natural teeth whitening“. Enter Idol Tan!

Idol family opened the blue box and slipped coming out of the bottle. It has a nice cap to cover any possibility of spillage and squeeze the bottle to reach the gel. All nice and simple so far.

Spreading is really simple and it was like using a body cream. Not stain the skin immediately “types of acne” to allow time to maneuver the gel evenly over yourself. Once it dries in minutes. Again just think of it as using a cream for the body and how quickly you can dress after wearing these.

This is where the magic happens then. In the same way that a moisturizer is absorbed deep into the skin and does its thing to the fixing of the skin below the surface, this is what makes Idol Tan. It sinks deep into the skin and the ingredients begin to react to the darkening of the skin from below to return to the surface in the coming hours. OK, take your time and not instantaneous, but the end result is absolutely magnificent. No scratches or stains and definitely no shade of orange! Result!

So What makes Idol so effective? However, manufacturers are proud to say that it is because they are used 100% natural ingredients for the gel works with your skin rather than imposed on it. There is not any kind of irritation or itching I’ve had with many other fake tanning products because there is no questionable chemicals in the gel. This also removes that classic smell so revealing that so many people hate! The gel has a very neutral scent so it’s totally fine to use male and female.

Another massive bonus is that there is no alcohol in it. Alcohol actually dries the skin and if you suffer from dry skin can leave you uncomfortable fitting that is rubbish! So does the opposite idol, because it contains aloe vera moisturizer that left my skin feeling absolutely great and very gentle. Basically, the more you use, the better for your skin!

After applying full body tanning maintained the same intensity of a good 4 days and went back to my original color after 7, which I think is great! Having to apply only once a week, is a beauty routine have to worry less. Content related home tips and “free dental implants

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