Smoking Addiction Vs Quit Smoking – How Differently These Phenomena Affect an Individual?

The impact of smoking addiction on a person is completely contrary to the influence of smoking cessation on the same individual and this difference is strikingly visible in the immense relief a person undergoes after he successfully gets rid of the addictive effect of cigarettes. Moreover, with regard to the tremendous suffering that befalls an individual after he falls in the grip of cigarette addiction, it is worth mentioning that prevention of diseases such as erectile dysfunction, cancer of the lungs, throat and various other similar ailments becomes an easy possibility after a person successfully induces smoking cessation!

Hello guys! You would definitely not be fortunate enough to experience the tranquility and the feeling of well being that quit smoking rewards an individual if you are unable to induce smoking cessation through your own will power. A consistent chain smoker who has been unable to trigger off smoking cessation even with the help of remedies like nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine patches, gums and lozenges) and other procedures should not lose hope as now he has another option in the form of FDA approved smoking cessation medicines. There are effective drugs in the market such as Chantix that would provide you respite from nicotine cravings without making you vulnerable to any of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

To feel oneself as an indispensable part of the modern hip lifestyle or to exude manliness or for other such apparent reasons, a person gets addicted to smoking without knowing that this mistake is bound to cost him his own life. And when the push comes to shove, a wealth of smoking addiction symptoms become visible, more specifically he starts to loose his appetite; he no longer remains physically attractive and other similar harmful occurrences follow.
If your life is similarly at stake, you should immediately undergo clinical examination at a physician’s place and if the doctor recommends Chantix for you, you can utilize the drug in accordance with his instructions. If you love life than opt for smoking cessation without wasting any more time!

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    I need your take on this. How can addiction treatment possibly benefit society as a whole and not just the addict? I’m planning to do an essay on this for extra credit in one of my classes. I just want to know the opinions of others. Thanks.

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