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Here is some quit smoking information that most smokers are unaware of. All smokers are aware that smoking is injurious to health. Yet, many continue to smoke even when they know that this habit actually kills. Evidently there is not enough quit smoking information to quit smoking. Of course, there are many other reasons, but this one is the most critical, i.e. your life. Smoking is such an irony; you pay money to buy yourself a slow and extremely painful death.  Here is some additional quit smoking information that will hopefully help you to stop smoking today. If you look for one reason to quit smoking, you will find many. Some are very well known and some not so popular. Check out the following list and get motivated to stop this habit before it stops your life. 1: Destroying your looks. Did you know that smoking is ‘stealing’ oxygen from your blood? The under-oxygenated blood in turn affects most of the organs in the body, and in a highly destructive manner. One of the organs thus attacked and very obvious to the naked eye, is the skin. The skin of a smoker will have an unhealthy pallor and will suffer from dryness. So very often the skin will look like parchment paper and it is easily wrinkled at a very young age. A good reason to quit smoking is obvious, to look better and prevent premature wrinkling of your skin. 2: Protecting those who live around you. Your loved ones. If for no other reason this quit smoking information should motivate anyone to quit smoking. A good number of reports point to the fact that secondhand smoke is much more harmful than firsthand smoke itself. In this case you would be guilty of poisoning your children, spouse, parents and friends. Is that not the most important reason to quit smoking? 3:          Preventing lung cancer. More than 80 percent of smokers will suffer from some form of respiratory related diseases. A very high percentage of this number will be from lung cancer. This is a horrendous, torturously slow and extremely painful death. You would literally suffocate over 6-36 months dying a lingering death that you would not wish on your worst enemy. Don’t you think this is an excellent reason to quit smoking? 4: You smell so terrible. A smoker smells of cigarettes: all the time.  No matter what deodorant you use, you still smell of cigarette smoke. And more often than not: your breath too.  Are you still searching for a reason to quit smoking? Use this quit smoking information and make a change in your life today.

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