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  1. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    No, high fat is not the only variable that causes gall bladder problems. It’s a very poor diet high in carbs and processed food mostly. Atkin’s like diet would be the answer. Have some faith!

  2. zamkam says:

    Get your facts straight. Did you actually READ the studies you mention. Neither one provides any evidence of a connection between diet and heart disease. It’s easy to give opinions on anything based on anecdotal evidence, as you are doing, but it’s a lot harder to perform double blind tests and statistical analysis to actually prove a claim. I have relatives who smoked until they died, well past their 80th birthday, that doesn’t prove smoking will extend your life.

  3. Advice4goodHealth says:

    Great? information -much needed at this time
    Thank you


    Are you telling me that diet can reverse heart disease? i truely hope so coz im only 18 i run out of breath when i run for no more than a minute even for the bus stop and i have sharp pains in my chest out of nowhere but they disappear if i hold my breath in and then breath very slowly i have had this since i was 14 but the doctors say theres nothing wrong with me. i have quit footbal because of this my heart beats 2 the extend i think it will explode and lately i have been extremely fatigue


    It has now gone to the point that my heart beats very fast while resting or doing nothing, i really hope you can shed light to my problems coz im not diabetic, overweight, dont smoke, i have quit eating meat so im also vegetarian and i dont drink. im really confused but then it might be my diet i dnt eat frm mcdonalds and stuff but my diet pretty much constitutes of crisps ALOT of chocolate ALOT of water,pasta and rice, fruits and i crave for sweets thus i eat alot but i have a healthy BMI of 21


    p.s the sharp chest pain which feels like im being stabbed runs in my family and i have it since i was a child but its not always in the chest

  7. NicholasDynesGracey says:

    “… the major avoidable contributory factor to cardio-vascular disease is a sudden fall in blood glucose supplying the heart …”
    Warm thanks; Nick Gracey, WATerian @ 10:17hrs sun22feb2009 GMT

  8. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    I am not the person to ask to diagnose you and provide a solution.

  9. ItalianPrince813 says:

    ALYANDSEINAI you need to see your doctor IMMEDIATELY about your heart.. take it from me i underwent 4 open heart surgerys and i was feeling thoose symptoms before my previous surgery .. one night i was in a deep sleep and just like that i jumped in my bed and my heart was beating rapidly .. you may have a valve problem but dont panic its normal

  10. Agrashsallam says:

    sometimes my heart hurts like its being sticked by a needle, its more often then it did for 1 or 2 years ago, i smoke, i drink, i dont really eat unhealthy i think so, any one knows if this is just normal or it would stop if i stopped smokin or drinking or do i have to see a doctor?

  11. thomasredwallfan says:

    i think i have to exercise more…i eat generally okay….but i never exercise…i only walk home everyday sometimes i’ll take the bus…but i think i seriously need to do something cause i always feel this sharp pain in my chest its bad it happens maybe 2 or 3 times a week… 🙁

  12. ParkerTerrace says:

    dang it, I think I have it too, but I have perfect blood pressure, body to weight ratio, diet & all that stuff.

    I had to leave work today cause my heart was hurting so bad & I kept on almost throwing up & fainting.

    This happens usually after I’ve been sick

  13. longstroker68 says:

    Didnt even mention the symptoms!!!

  14. ZR1Terror says:

    damn!! did you already get your heart checked?

  15. ZR1Terror says:

    So how do Hindu people get their protein if they don’t eat meat??

  16. davidoblue1 says:

    how do i exersize if my heart hurts? and my breathing is uneasy. by the way im 16 and inactive. i have an ok diet but its not the best. im starting to exersise now but am afraid because my heart hurts. what can i do?

  17. subjugator7 says:

    Not true, I don’t agree with you Doctor. It is not true that Vegetarian people in Hindu culture have less hear problems. NOT TRUE AT ALL. I know this for the fact.

    Buddhist people in Chinese culture is a different story. Chinese people are very little and skinny and that’s why they don’t have any heart problems.

  18. litebug12345 says:

    I have already suffered 2 heart attack & have what my phsyican calls dangerously high triglycerides & LDL, and i was told that if i do not get these levels under control i will have another. This did frighten me and i knew i needed to do something to reverse this damage. I knew plant sterols were powerful so i tried Sterolyn, and i’m very proud to say that my triglycerides have gone from 512 all the way down to 155. LDL count down from 240 to 132. Great product.

  19. justinsali says:

    I have a really sharp pain in the right side of my chest. It started about 3 or 4 days ago and is getting worse. I feel really dizzy and and light headed alot… my blood pressure is in the 200’s and im only 22. im really worried and i dont have a family doctor. Can anyone describe what i might be feeling? i get random chest pains that usually last a few seconds. This pain isnt going away and hurts more when i bend a certain way or sit a certain way. Plz Anyone? Im really worried!

  20. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    Everyone keeps asking for SYMPTOMS! Of what? Heart disease? Perhaps you all are confused and think you want to know the symptoms of a HEART ATTACK. See my other video. Think high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes and weight gain….ALL possible SYMPTOMS of heart DISEASE.

  21. Boppaloppagus says:

    obesity alone can also cause high blood pressure, cholestorol, and diabetes. These heart disease symptoms, can all be caused from obesity alone….it doesnt mean you necessarily have heart disease.
    In fact, you are more likely to have high blood pressure, cholestorol, and diabetes due to obesity, rather than HEART DISEASE.

  22. happilylil says:

    i am taking Sterolyn and it’s really the best pill i’ve ever tried, no side effects and all natural.

  23. litebug12345 says:

    Although on prescription drugs my wifes blood pressure remainder at the top end of normal. After taking Levodyn for three months the improvement has been significant and she intends to carry on with Levodyn as a really helpful supplement.

  24. applemonkey187 says:

    im a 26 yr old male,and i just donated blood.i got a card in the mail.and it says my cholesterol is (LDL)257.
    this is verry high i heard.

  25. crunkss says:

    fuck off you shithead fuck

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