Out of Control Diabetes Intervention Part 3

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  1. Brian says:

    patient name :Maryam Hany . gender :female. age: 4years weight :13kg. Her father is a diabetic patient type 2. She has got a fever (about 3 weeks)at April 2006. Since May 2006 she has polyurea specially after meals. She has never comas and the maximum result of glucose test is 350 mgdl. We discovered the hyperglycemia at 3 Nov.2006. She has never the symptoms of the hypoglycemia even when the result of blood glucose test is 34. C-peptide (fasting) 1.7ng/ml {reference range: 0.9—–4} at 05/11/2006. Glycosylated Haemoglobin 7.3 %{ref. range: 4.2—-6.2} at 05/11/2006. Insulin Abs.(Human) (BS) 4 u/ml {ref range:<1.0} at 12/11/2006. Anti Islet Cells Antibodies negative at 12/11/2006. Glycosylated Haemoglobin 6.6%{ref. range:4.2—–6.2}at 14/04/2007. Average last 3 months glucose 120-150 . We give her the insulin since 3Nov. with very little doses (1unit insulatard every 12hrs and 1—2 units of Novorapide every day)

  2. stacier333 says:

    hey you should hang out with him… we all should you guys lets through him a bday party. For real i could never be a hermet and no one desirves not to have friends. His mother is soooooooooo nice i hope she is going to be alright.

  3. stacier333 says:

    Lori also my good friends mother has lupus and she controls her lupus with all natural ingrediants. I live in Cali and I hope your not taking steroids for lupus….

  4. NikkieRoxxx says:

    These “natural things”… Sometimes it can be good but it also can help neglecting the real problem. I was given these pellets from a homeopath for 3 years while I should have been getting treatment for type II diabetes!

  5. NikkieRoxxx says:

    I have a friend who’s a “shy sweetie” type like him… exactly!!

  6. createwithnate says:


  7. lamondoni says:

    i so don’t understand why he doesn’t have friends he seems really nice other than he is breaking his parents heart

  8. dustbunnieboo says:

    My heart breaks for this kid. He needs to volunteer his time or do something where he’ll meet more nice people. Maybe attend a church even?

  9. goofymandan83 says:

    this guy needs to smoke some buds and meet sum friends and at the same time to jus take care of ur self

  10. ReesaBelle says:

    my heart just breaks watching this.. i feel so sad for him!! i hope he’s doing ok still, and has made some true friends!!

  11. elizawyo says:

    His sugar’s over 600 and he’s going out to meet friends. Take a shot!

  12. elizawyo says:

    Oh my god, his friends aren’t showing up. What dicks. He seems like such a nice fella. I’d hang out with him dammit

  13. elizawyo says:

    and his parents didn’t even console him over his friends not showing up. They should encourage him more.

  14. Shahla33 says:

    At least they could have called him to cancel. This is just plain rude. I agree with you. He did not deserve this. I would have hanged out with him too.

  15. elizawyo says:

    Of all of the days for them to cancel too..so he’s humiliated on t.v.

  16. stephenp1968 says:

    My heart really ached for this guy. Unfortunately, he passed away. So sad.

  17. firemaple says:

    Stephen: How do you know he died? And do you know the direct manner of death? Very sad.

  18. stephenp1968 says:

    I remember seeing it on an update program. It was a result of uncontrolled diabetes, I believe.

  19. DragonFly122 says:

    He’s not dead (yet). I watched this episode last night and on the update he is planning on going to trade school and has been hospitalized twice for ketoacidosis.

  20. pkasrey says:

    for some reason this feels staged if not then I feel really bad for him I know how it feels being stood up

  21. v82gutierrez says:

    Does anybody know John’s last name?

  22. vidbasher042 says:

    i dont see anything socially wrong with this kid. Seems like a normal person to me, thats why i don’t understand why his friends stood him up or why he doesn’t have friends

  23. Individualgirle says:

    I feel very sorry for him 🙁

  24. katiecato78 says:

    So sad for the parents. That would really suck for you to raise a child that just doesn’t find a way to fit in socially. Poor dude. That’s just him and people probably find him weird and don’t give him a chance and they wouldn’t even know or care how much damage it is doing to this kid.

  25. DragonFly122 says:

    I sympathize with Lori. It’s torture worrying (day and night for years) about a loved one who’s so hell bent on destroying themselves.

    My favorite part 2:19-28.

  26. DragonFly122 says:

    hannahwig, 25% of those with ADD develop depression.

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