Nutrition vs. Conventional Medicine

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  1. Sergio says:

    Conventional wisdom is often shoddily formed. Don’t you think? What are some instances of conventional wisdom that you’ve always doubted?

  2. fIeisch09 says:

    nice but could have been said in 1 1/2 mins.

  3. DANNYKESTON says:

    Medicine is bullshit. take a pill and carry on the lifestyle that go you in trouble in the first place whats gonna happen when you stop taking the pill? If your ill or get a disease its your body telling you, you are doing something wrong. If you dont change you will carry on getting ill. Every disease that medicine calls incurable can be reversed if you are willing to make the necessary changes and create an environment in your body where it is able to heal itself.

  4. DANNYKESTON says:

    Drugs and medical procedures are not healing anybody they are causing millions of deaths and making certain peopley rich.

  5. kalel333 says:

    ahha i agree 100% with you, I had acid reflux from time to time and I didn’t know where it came from . I googled a bit and eliminated all caffeinated drinks, soda and any fast food from my diet and voila acid reflux free ! 🙂

  6. moviedude22 says:

    If I wan’t Natalie to have my love babies….TAKE A PILL!!! haha

  7. ZionSamurai87 says:

    amen to that

  8. barkerfreak1 says:

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  9. litebug12345 says:

    I worry alot about the potential side effects of “big pharma” prescription drugs, I have always gravitated toward a natural alternative. For the longest time I had no idea that such an alternative even existed for cholesterol! I thought Rx was the only choice. Sterolyn is brilliant no side effects at all for me. I really appreciate this product.

  10. BrandonYoung7 says:

    i know that if you change your diet to a raw food diet and listen to your body, you do not need much of anything. but some people are not will to change. They are to stubbren. That is why we need medicine. I know lot of people have been fooled by these people telling them to take pills, they should be saying change your diet. But everyone knows if you eat healthy you we be healthy.

  11. moviedude22 says:

    Viagra? Trust me, a hot babe is all the viagra any real man would need. But it sounds like you’ve got a good thing goin’ for ya! Good luck with that!

  12. aznluv155 says:

    thank you natalie. you are incredible 🙂

  13. FindlaySucks says:

    U.S. Corporations = create a problem/provide a solution = wealthy shareholders and CEOs/sick/terrorized citizenry

    Youtube is the best thing to happen to America. Sadly, the poorest suffer in ignorance because they cannot afford the truth. Internet access should be fast and free, for all.

  14. xAmateurDirectorx says:

    Ooh, manhood burn…

  15. xkcd83 says:

    Your problem seems to be with the drug industry, not conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is simply evidence-based medicine. There are loads of medical studies that show the benefits of a good diet and regular exercise. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a medical expert who doesn’t think diet and exercise are hugely important. The problem is most people don’t want to put in the effort to eat well and exercise regularly and there are lots of companies wanting to make a quick buck.

  16. SpeakTheTruth777 says:

    I wish more people would research the meds they take. It’s too easy to swallow a pill for the cure. So-called cure. Nice video.

  17. pochlomin says:

    It’s always to have a drug book on handy and always do some research prior to taking a pill.

  18. imfromnature says:

    i wonder if that would cause the penis to explode

  19. pax80a says:

    how can people take paxil and anxyolitics…????? the world is getting mad.
    Good piece of advice lady!

  20. kungfuseadog says:

    I like the Idea of this Video.
    I would advise to do the following:
    If you are experiencing recurring symptoms, don’t just take some pill you heard about somewhere. BUT: Do NOT just ignore them. If you have a headache, acid reflux, other abdominal pain, whatever. Wait and see if it goes away. If it doesn’t – see a doctor!
    There may be something really wrong with you. People ignoring their symptoms leads to tens of thousands of deaths in the US. Don’t just buy pills but don’t blindly trust a diet.

  21. Vallence says:

    Stop taking medicine and starting living life

    Please support this cause and bring awareness to the world.

    Join us now on Facebook!

    Just type and search Stop Taking Medicine on facebook=)

  22. kurtman546 says:

    Please come be my full-time cook/part-time companion.

  23. vladikod says:

    lol, this video (as well as the other 99% of all nutritionists and blind followers) might’ve had a good point against conventional medicine, if stomach acids, high cholesterol and depression weren’t just 0.1% of all medical problems in the world. When I see somebody cure a brain tumor with vitamins and bs talk about how the world is rulled by big drug companies, then i’ll agree with you :/ dont get me wrong, eveybody decides what works for them..

  24. zeldaofarel says:

    I agree. Sometimes you may have a big problem that only gives you just small, not really helping symptoms. Like when I had no apetite, no energy and stomach problems, I though I was just lazy and stuff. I had a check-up for a different problem, and, my thyroid glands were not working at all. And I was already taking supplements, because my thyroid glands were not functioning well in the first place. But for some reason, they just stopped all together, in spite of my trying to boost them.

  25. easyconcepts3 says:

    when i think of you i take a pill the blue one hahahah i am just joking very interesting video

  26. 2123rj says:

    If you dont take a pill how is big pharm going to get its money? If big pharm doesnt get its money whos going to pay for the ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS News programs? Big pharm is the one advertising on all the news programs.

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