New Living the Dream – Nick's Diabetes Burning Up Tour Video (HQ)

25 Responses to New Living the Dream – Nick's Diabetes Burning Up Tour Video (HQ)

  1. allayyyx says:

    i was there but my video of this isnt this good quality ! thanks (:

  2. Crazy4NickJonas4 says:

    i love nick still and will keep on being one of his fans no matter what and I was screaming when he lifted up his shirt

  3. princessangel966 says:

    Oh whoo, he lifted up his shirt so he could put on his omni pod. There really wasn’t any need to scream there. I think it’s ignorant. Anyway, I think Nick’s so strong, doing all he’s doing with his family and not letting this get to him. He’s so brave and strong. It’s nice to have a great role model like him around, along with his brothers.

    JB = (:

  4. jonasrox3 says:

    Okay, really, what was the necessity of screaming when Nick lifted his shirt??? Its just like when he made his Diabetes speech, he took off his jacket and girls started screaming, it makes you wonder if they r even listening, i mean Nick was spilling out all his emotions and heart and all they cared about was Nick showing skin…does ne1 else agree with me, or am i the only one???

  5. amberleiggh says:

    how childish. GROW UP people !
    hes talking about his illness and the trouble it causes and you have the nerve to scream ?!
    im a die hard jonas fan also, but that doesnt mean i’ll act like an airhead and scream just because i glimpse a little bit of skin !
    you people are soo ridiculous.
    i can only hope that im not in the same fan catagory as you.

  6. KWRCtm says:

    i cant believe people would scream. this is serious, wtf is there problem??

  7. ashleytisdalefan007 says:

    I totally agree jonasrox3!
    It’s also sorta like on a Jonas Brothers:Living the Dream & Nick was talking about how his character from the Titanic museum was the richest guy on the boat, but he died, & then ppl start screaming! I was like, are yall even listening!?!

    It’s so annoying how immature ppl can be sometimes.

  8. lililounette says:

    omg all this girl screaming!please STOP!!!!!!he was talking about a SERIOUS thing, a disease. Stop screaming! it’s disrespectful and immature.I can understand that people scream when they see the Jonas Brothers, but please not in moments like that.
    but thanks for the video

  9. jonasrox3 says:

    I knoo, that one upset me too, he’s like I died, and they r screaming, okay??? Why wud you be happy for sum1 drowning on a ship??? lol, ppl amaze me sumtimes!

  10. ashleytisdalefan007 says:

    That shows that they really weren’t listening to what he said!
    He talks about having a serious disease & shows his omni pod (& a tiny bit of flesh) & they scream!

    He talks about dying (fictionally) & they scream! Ugh. Some people just disgust me w/ their immaturity!

    I’m sure Nick doesn’t appreciate it!

  11. jonasrox3 says:

    Exactly, its really disrespectful in my opinion!

  12. JoeJonas4everlove says:

    I know most girls are fans because of there music and because they are hot ..

    but me I lovee that they are gentlemen and down to earth and I respect Nick more because of his diabetes .. & I do think they are hot & I love there music But I care about stuff that matters and I think they like that!

  13. xOnceUponYourDreamx says:

    me too. =D
    but it makes me mad when people
    dont believe me when i say that.

  14. JoeJonas4everlove says:

    Exactly ! 🙂 Your Niceee

  15. TheNextIdina says:

    This video made me cry….

  16. rokkchic21 says:

    me 2. cause i love nick…..i feel sad 4 him….but he looks so happy on stage.

  17. Supergirl9909 says:

    my friend has type 2 diabetes

  18. dorneygirls08 says:

    at the concert i went too in madison square we couldnt hear this at all. there was a crazyyy amount of screaming at madison square im pretty sure the whole city heard it lol.

  19. 123codiejay says:

    wats the difernce between them if ya dnt mind me askin? x

  20. Supergirl9909 says:

    idk …. well he alks ablout typr 1 but i wanna know the diff .. no mind 4 u too askk

  21. brunettebeauty26 says:

    i no most girls are like “oh they are so hot and sexy” and stuff like that but i like them for them even though i dont know them they are just such gentlmen and care about thier famliy, friends, and fans [the 3 f’s lol] they are one of the best things that ever happend to me in my entire life!! i no people say “wow you really dont have a life” ya well they are my life!!

    ~ily jonas brothers

  22. biabiaGRACEE says:

    Type 2 diabetes is found more in younger children, and it’s a lot more managable then Typer 1

  23. xpopstarxlaurax says:

    age,looks, voice, LOADS

  24. 123codiejay says:

    i was on about type 1 and type 2 diabetes not the jonas brothers x

  25. xpopstarxlaurax says:

    Ohhh, ok cuz nicks hot buh i dnt lyk kevin or joe

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