coq10- A powerful cellular energizer

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  1. mrankinmatt says:

    This is regarding plants…
    I know that Photosynthesis is:
    Light + 6H20+ 6CO2= C6H12O6 + 6O2
    And Cellular Respiration is
    C6H12O6 + 6O2= 6H20+ 6CO2
    But I thought plants released Oxygen, not Carbon Dioxide? And where would the plants get the glucose and oxygen? From the photosynthesis? I was also wondering how plants would get their ATP since isn’t ATP made by breaking bonds?

  2. vitallywell says:

    Do statins kill more people than they save?

  3. JigsawHealth says:

    No they don’t. They create lots of muscle and joint pain though. And they dramatically lower CoQ10 which could lead to death sometimes. Statins actually save lives for a different reason than lowering cholesterol. They lower inflammation dramatically which is the main cause of cardiovascular and other diseases. Some very knowledgeable docs will give high dose statins immediately upon and following heart attacks.

  4. 1955porsche says:

    I started taking 100mg coq10 a day . my energy levels went up dramatically, i take 40mg statin a day for cholesterol.i was always wiped out no my energy is returning. i highly reccomend taking coq10, b vitamins!

  5. Advice4goodHealth says:

    Great? information -much needed at this time
    Thank you

  6. litebug12345 says:

    My primary care physician prescribed a cholesterol lowering medication. I refused to fill the prescription because of all of the side effects and the damage they may cause. My friend’s girl friend is a nutritionist and she recommended the Sterolyn product. To my surprise it was easy to take. Before taking Sterolyn, my cholesterol was around 416. After a few weeks of taking the product, my cholesterol dropped to 360. And now after two months of taking it, my cholesterol is at 195.

  7. russiantroublemaker says:

    Great stuff! I get it from iherb . com. Along with everything else i need. They carry all of the supplements at huge discounts. Use code ZAR957 and get $5 off first order 🙂

  8. tifaniee says:

    dose it help with weightloss

  9. thetruth786110 says:

    Will this help improve skin??

  10. sniper911punk says:

    can you say bias?

  11. magnificmover says:

    Well… are you going to explain why your product is absorbed more efficiently than others???

  12. tradewind08 says:

    Avoid Statins like the plague. Money hungry docs and companies like lipitor sell their souls for a buck. Statins cause horrible muscle and joint aches and SEVERELY affect memory. Get off them asaFp. I speak from personal experience.

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