Love, Marriage, and Stinking Thinking S2E4

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  1. RxP DarkBox says:

    Can friends with benefits make love to eachother?

    Tell me what is the difference and how do you know if you ARE making love to that person and he to you.

  2. bellasong75 says:

    do you have a program on TBN?

  3. LaughYourWay says:

    Yes, this show is broadcast on TBN, currently Wednesday mornings at 5am Pacific time / 8am Eastern.

  4. landyachtfan79 says:

    Oh, Mark, Mark, Mark, MARK!!!!!!!!! I love ya, pal, but do you know ANYTHING about abusers & the abusive mentality?!!!!!!!!! The person who is the husband of the person in that second e-mail is a plain-as-day abuser & you are telling her to “accept that he likes things done a certain way”?!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! What you should have told her to do was go to her local bookstore or library & pick up a copy of “Why Does He Do That-Inside the mids of Angry & controlling men by Lundy Bancroft.

  5. landyachtfan79 says:

    Then you should have told her to, after she reads it & studies it VERY carefully, sit him down & lay down the law with him that he needs to check his butt into a VERY high quality abuser program yesterday!!!!!!!! This is a VERY clear case of an emotionally, if not physically, abusive relationship & I can not believe that you glossed over it as normal marital conflict!!!!! I would appreciate not only a response but having my posts be the subject of a future episode as I found this disturbing!

  6. sawman85 says:

    landyachtfan79: hushand in the second letter might not be an abuser.

    Women tell men all the time how to men should do things.

  7. Evilferret355 says:

    Sawman85 – It is a case of ABUSIVE EXPECTATIONS (Look up the term). He likely feels like he is doing good by telling her how things can be done better, but really it’s not helping and is not aware of how she feels about his suggestions.

    This feels more like a case of a couple failing to communicate. The woman has yet to tell her husband that this behavior even bothers her. How is he supposed to know that something is wrong when she hasn’t told him?

  8. sawman85 says:

    It’s not nessesarity ABUSIVE EXPECTATIONS as you put it. The husbond is telling her to do it a better way. I have told my girlfriend to do things a better way. I show how it’s done a better way. It’s not an unresonable demand. It’s not different then me showing a person how to solve a math problem in a faster way when they are doing. If it’s a better way to do it, it’s irrelevant what way it used to be done or how it made someone feel.

  9. sawman85 says:

    If you always want to know how people feel about something, not much will ever happen.

    If you feel like driving your car in 1 gear all the time, I will tell you to shift gear. I wouldn’t really care how you felt about it. But I could also give you a reason, if you wanted one.

  10. mcdozer7 says:

    I’ve enjoyed the shows so far, but I must also say that there’s a point here Mark seems to be missing: people change. The person you dated at age 20 may not be the same at age 37.
    My wife never cared about animals when we met, but now has 4 rats, a rabbit, guinea pig, a cat & a dog – to my chagrin.
    Sometimes aren’t always that easy and black & white. There are additional factors that make life a little more complicated…
    Nothing the Lord couldn’t help us handle, but still… there’s more!

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