Cats And Dogs Trailer HD

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  1. Echo says:

    this is my list

    ipod touch
    psp go
    nintendo ds
    nintendo dsi
    nintendo wii
    xbox 360
    rolex watch
    hd tv
    blu ray player
    motorbike and helmet
    a hooker
    dvd player
    my own satelite dish
    my own superhero costume with a rocket pack attached
    my own secret underground base
    a pet cat
    pet dog
    pet snake
    pet rabbit
    pet meerkat
    digital camera
    new trainers
    a crown
    black leather jacket
    black jean jacket
    blue jean jacket
    and world peace for all mankind

  2. sanada12121 says:

    thank you ^^

  3. webkinzandmario says:

    awesome movie in my top 5

  4. 12345xs12345 says:

    that cat is like russian

  5. mel04123 says:

    i love this movie

  6. anubiszot says:


    the beagle is tobey maguire

    peter parker from spider man

  7. kulayful47 says:

    i so love the blue cat. i LOVE this movie! cats rule! 😀

  8. JoshZeb says:

    Cats And Dogs 2 is coming in 2010 !

    Title is
    Cats And Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore

  9. TheWebkinzgirl89 says:

    i love this movie soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tora2209 says:

    Realy cool….i lov this movie 🙂

  11. ncis1996 says:

    @TheWebkinzgirl89 number 2 is gonna b betta with more effects lol

  12. sterlingsworld says:

    and its in 3d i wanna see it

  13. LeeClaxton says:

    awefulle filme

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