Everything You Need to Know About Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment

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Tea tree oil is extracted from a tree known as Melaleuca. The scientific name for this essential oil is Melaleuca Alternifolia. It is an antifungal agent mostly used for various types of skin disorders. It is also added as an ingredient to beauty products, the most popular of which is face wash.

Tea tree oil acne treatment is most suitable for the cure of moderate acne. It is applied as a topical or rub-on treatment. It is recommended to use tea tree oil only externally. Although it can prove to be effective for a lot of people out there, some people show sensitivity to it.

Tea tree oil acne treatment is used to get rid of many types of bacteria including staphyloccus, eschrichia coli and shigella sonnei. Staphyloccus is responsible for causing furuncles which are very similar to pimples as they are also painful nodules that appear on the surface of skin.

This essential oil is most commonly known as a treatment for various viral and bacterial infections. It is also added to mouthwashes and other products for the treatment of mouth ulcers and other conditions. Similarly, some people use it for the treatment of dandruff, lice, yeast infection, eczema, oil spots and nail infections.

It has been found that tea tree oil acne treatment does not guarantee complete acne cure. However, it does lessen acne breakouts and cure them temporarily as do many other topical acne treatments. It is recommended to use a good quality facial wash that contains tea tree oil as a main ingredient for proper cleansing of skin and to control pimples and prevent other skin disorders.

Some people are allergic to tea tree oil especially if they have sensitive skin. You should immediately discontinue its use if you experience redness of skin, irritation or rash. There are many other acne treatments that can be used instead of tea tree oil if it has proven to be useful for you.

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  1. whites are not the only racists says:

    I have a keloid by my nose pricing because one day I bumped it really hard and the next day I got the bump. So I’m wondering what brand or kind of tea tree oil should I use?

  2. Kaden says:

    I’m a 15 year old girl and I have moderate acne on my face and shoulders. It’s really itchy on my shoulders and sometimes I get cystic acne on like my chin. It makes me really uncomfortable and insecure and make up doesn’t cover all of it up. Since it’s on my shoulders too I can’t go swimming or wear any tank tops because it’ll show and look really gross. I’ve tried a lot of products and even went on a prescription but they all really irritated my skin and didn’t help my acne. How can I get rid of it? are there are home remedies I could use?

    Also, I’m a sophomore in high school and I take really hard classes so I don’t sleep much;( And consequently I have really bad dark circles. Are there any products for that or any remedies (besides sleep) that I can use? Thanks.

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